Tips in Buying a Diamond Pendant

Diamond is considered as the hardest gem in the world. This is also the reason why it is considered as the gemstone of forever and is often seen and used in weddings and engagements. Diamond jewelry can also be given as friendship bonds or as a remembrance of something meaningful such as a family heirloom. When you want to give your girlfriend, wife or a loved one a special gift, a diamond pendant is a great gift of sentimental meaning. There are many types of diamonds that you need to know for you to choose the right design. Here are some things you also need to consider when you are buying authentic diamond pendant designs.


Depending on the occasion, there is diamond jewelry made for specific occasions. The occasion will influence the kind of pendant design that will suit the event.

teardrop pink diamond earrings

Types of Diamond

There are three types of diamond pendant you can choose from to give to your loved one; diamond shape pendant, diamond necklace, pendant locket. You can match these pendants to pink diamond earrings for a great outfit ensemble.

Number of diamonds

The more diamond gems embedded on the diamond pendant, the higher will the price be. You need to decide how many diamonds you want on the pendant. For a unique type of pendant, black diamond pendant is one exceptional gift that will surely take their breath away.

sophisticated black diamond pendant


There are many styles of diamond pendant and one of the most popular is the diamond cross pendant. Many designers made this style popular across the world. It also denotes a powerful and revered Christian symbol. Aside from cross pendants, you can also choose from a variety of styles including solitaire diamond pendant, circular pendants, heart shaped pendants, and diamond beaded pendant and many more.

4 C’s

Remember the four C’s that will give you the authenticity of the diamond. The four C’s stands for cutting, color, clarity and carat weight.

The diamond cutting is closely related to the brilliance and sparkling feature of the diamond. The more that the diamond gem is polished and precisely cut, the more it will sparkle. One of the best choices for diamond cut is the round diamond brilliant cut. Modern technology has made new ways in cutting a diamond precisely.

simple design solitaire diamond pendant

The diamond color will also determine the purity of the gem. The most valued of all is a colorless diamond with high clarity. They are considered very precious and of high value and are the most expensive ones. To get the authenticity and value of the diamond, it must have a certification from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

The diamond clarity is the flawlessness and spotlessness of the diamond. You can examine the diamond closely and search for bubbles, spots and other imperfections. The higher the clarity, the more expensive it would be. The clarity grading are as below:

  • Small inclusions 1/2/3 (SI1/2)

  • Inclusions1/2/3 (I1/2/3)

  • Flawless/ Internally flawless (FL/IF)

  • Very Very small inclusions 1/2 (VVS1/2)

  • Very small inclusions (VS1/2)

beautiful diamond pendant

Sparkling Diamond

Always choose the most sparkling diamond you can find and buy only from trusted jewelry shops and have certificated from GIA. This will protect you from fraud and fake diamonds. If you are planning to buy online, make sure that the site is trusted and your details are protected. For most people, buying precious jewelry is done only with traditional brick-and-mortar shopping.

If you want to get your money’s worth, you definitely don’t want to compromise authenticity of the diamond jewelry. A diamond is the most precious stone you can give to the people you love the most.

A Fashion Flair with Cheap Diamonds

Cheap diamonds have recently taken the fashion world by storm, and proven to be some of the best accessories an individual can buy to effectively underscore his/her fashion sense and sophistication. Naturally, by considering the exquisiteness of diamond jewelry, most people often seem to think that such accessories are the sole preserve of the affluent.

The truth is, however, quite different to this kind of reasoning, and with careful thought almost anyone can be in a position to acquire cheap diamonds that don’t compromise on their quality. To this end, all gemstones experts in this field usually utilize four basic factors in the attempt of ascertaining a diamonds worth, and these are Cut, Carat, Clarity and Color. Which are otherwise known as a diamonds 4Cs.

Rare and cheap diamonds

If you might be on the lookout for excellent, but affordable jewelry such as pink diamond earrings, it would be of great importance to comprehensively grasp the vital factors that can determine the quality and in extension, the eventual cost of diamonds. This will invariably assist you to make an informed purchase that is based not only by your distinct preferences, but also your budget.

Cheap diamonds cut

The cut of a diamond happens to be one of the foremost factors that determine its worth. This is due to the fact that the type of cut utilized in fashioning a diamond also determines the intensity of its sparkle and even its shine. Most people usually make the mistake of confusing a diamond’s shape with its cut, and while the former concerns itself with the stone’s form; its cut gives a reference to just how the jewel has been designed and set. One of the best indicators of a well cut diamond is how it effectively traps light.

Double pink diamond earrings

Experts usually examine 3 basic features of a diamond’s cut to arrive at its value, and these are:

Cut grade: This happens to be a standardized grading analysis that defines a diamond’s cut by its shape and also the pattern followed in its facet arrangement.

Cut depth: A diamond that is either cut too deep or superficially can permit light to pass through its sides and bottom, thereby diminishing its worth.

Polish: Poorly polished cheap diamonds can significantly lose their brilliance and invariably, their value.

Types of cheap diamonds cuts

The type of diamond cut utilized can greatly determine its value, and all experts use a descending scale to classify these stones. At the top of the scale is the “ideal cut”, and the value gradually decreases to “fair/poor cuts”, which are at the bottom.

Nice and cheap diamonds rings

Like expected some of the best cheap diamonds cuts are the ones that follow the ideal cut. And some of the particularly high quality, but affordable diamonds can be found in the “premium cut”, which are naturally excellent stones that can also be shaped into a variety of forms, not only the conventional round ones.

There are also “very good” cut varieties that can reflect a lot of light, and this makes them quite exceptional, and make for perhaps some of the most affordable and superior quality diamonds.

Finally, there are “good cut” diamonds that are also other cost effective and elegant jewels, which can appeal to the tastes of persons operating with tight budgets.

Carat Weight

A diamond’s weight is gauged in carats, and the more carats it weighs, the higher it costs. It is, thus, important to ascertain just how much carats might be appropriate for the jewelry such as cheap diamonds rings that can fit your budget.


The majority of diamonds usually contain some inclusions (foreign particles), which are mostly minute traces of other minerals or flaws that can’t be seen by the naked eye. A diamond’s clarity is, therefore, measured by the amount of these inclusions.

Small and cheap diamonds loose

Diamonds are, for the most part, clear when viewed by the naked eye, but in the real sense all of them contain traces of yellow pigment, and these stones’ price can be determined by their transparency. With the most clear costing more.

On the other hand, you can also opt for cheap diamonds loose, which are simply unset diamonds, and they offer a host of benefits over inexpensive diamonds on. And these include being entirely customizable and there unmatched affordability. All of these stones can be bought at established cheap diamonds online stores.

Diamond Bracelets

When it comes to accessories, diamond bracelets stand head and shoulders above most jewelry pieces, except equally striking diamond necklaces, tiaras, solitaires, and pink diamond earrings. These eye catching jewelry pieces can go with any attire. Both men and women covet diamond jewelry, partly for the social esteem these bring to them, and partly because of their striking beauty. There are, therefore, diamond bracelets for men as well as women.

Simple diamond bracelets

Differences between diamond bracelets for women and for men

Diamond studded bracelets for men and women differ considerably. The differences include

  • Men’s bracelets are wider, that is, almost half an inch to one inch wide, whereas women’s bracelets are usually about half that width;

  • Men’s bracelets usually have clusters of several smaller diamonds set together to form shapes such as rectangles, or squares on plates. These plates are attached to each other with hinges just like in any cycle’s chain. Patterns in setting of diamonds include prong or Rolex, bezel, chanel, fanook, and pave setting. In women’s bracelets, diamonds are fewer in numbers, but may be larger. These stones are often spread on the entire length of the thinner bracelet as a single or double row. Alternately, smaller diamonds may be used to form intricate designs, with lots of curves, geometric designs, flower shapes, vine shapes, leaves, and many more. Women’s bracelets, therefore, often have asymmetrical designs on them. They may also have asymmetric shapes.

    Squared pink diamond earrings

  • A clasp like that in any steel chain watch strap is provided in men’s bracelets. Alternately, these bracelets may be stretched and worn on wrist. In the case of women’s bracelets the fastening arrangement is usually by pressing the two ends together. There are, however, women’s bracelets as well that come with chain like structure, wherein the fastening may be with a clasp.

  • Men tend to wear their diamond studded bracelet on the same hand as their watch. Women on the other hand use their bracelets on the hand that does not have the watch, effectively replacing their bangles.

  • Usually, men’s bracelets are 8 to 8.5 inches long. Wrist size determines this. But women’s wrists are usually smaller, and therefore, women’s bracelets are also shorter in length. Usually, women’s bracelets may be 8 inches or less in length.

    Cute diamond bracelets for women

Value of bracelet

Factors that determine the value of a diamond studded bracelets include:

  • The weight and carat of gold, silver, platinum, and other metals that are used in it and their rates on the date of purchase. The length and breadth of the bracelet, therefore, matters.

  • The carat of diamonds used, along with their clarity level and color level. Carat of diamond is its weight. Therefore larger the diamonds more will be their weight. Clarity and color are graded. This is usually certified by reputed gemologists such as Antwerp Gemologists Institute. Diamonds of the grade D, E, and F are rare, and therefore more expensive. As the letters go down, the color of diamonds keeps on changing its shade till N, P, Q, R, and S, which are tinted varieties. This is the reason there are pink diamond ear rings, and blue diamonds, which are also genuine diamonds, except that they have the tint. As far as clarity of diamonds is concerned, the scale starts with F and IF, which are rare and therefore expensive as well. The VVS1-VVS2 is the next grade, followed by VS1-VS2, and SI1-SI2. The last category, that is, I1-I3 has the most inclusions. This is the reason it is not very expensive.

    Handsome diamond bracelets for men

  • Scratches if any on the gold, and any other imperfection in the jewelry.

Diamond bracelets are good gifting options. Cheap diamond bracelets are in affordable range depending upon carat, base metals in which diamonds are set, color of diamond, setting style, clarity, and many more. Unusual varieties such as black diamonds are also gaining in popularity, though they do not shine like white diamonds. Diamond bracelets are also good as investments since the price of diamond as well as gold in them keeps on increasing over a period. Effectively, such bracelets can be used to park funds and earn in form of capital gains, without paying any income tax till these are sold. Diamond is as effective a hedge against inflation as gold and can be mortgaged if need be. Care should be taken to ensure that such diamond studded bracelets have genuine diamonds on them by asking for certificate from a reliable gemologist.

Diamond Studs for Women and Men

When diamond studs are among the most favorite of your collection then you must and should know the best places to buy some unique and amazingly priced studs. Fashion studs are now equally popular among both the genders and come in the most amazing shades too. Men and women both love studs equally now and would for sure want to possess some of the best available in the market. Here is a list of the top 3 places from where you can buy some of the most unique and fairly priced studs for that chic and cool look that you want to adorn.

Perect diamond studs

  • Earrings Store

The best place for you to get some awesome looking studs would be stores which are dedicated to selling any and every kind of earring. At these stores, you can find all types of studs and can pick whichever suits your taste. There would be a wide range of studs to pick from and you would be delighted at the variety they have. They are jewelry stores which sell studs for men and women separately and sell unisex too. Diamond studs for men have become a very commonplace thing and they even come in all shapes too. If you think diamond studs earrings are too costly and do not fit your pocket then you can even opt for studs with artificial diamonds. Diamonds studs for men and women come in all shapes and sizes and can be made-to-order for a more personalized touch.

Nice pink diamond earrings

  • Online Store

Online shopping is becoming a very popular thing now-a-days. An online store is one place where you can purchase any diamond stud that you wish for and desire. Pink diamond earrings for women are really becoming very famous these days. These stores have an amazing collection of funky, charming, and great designed studs for men too. You can even get hoops for men in these stores. Studs and hoops are very similar in size and look very good on men and women. There are a large variety of unisex studs with religious symbols and themes available in online stores. These stores make sure to have all the latest designs available with them and hence your style statement is up-to-date when you buy from an online store.

Beautiful black diamond studs

  • Clothes and Accessories Outlet

When buy clothing what better way than having a store within the same place to buy some matching and good diamond studs to go with it. Many clothing shops have now started to sell fashion accessories that gel well with your clothing as well. This is the best way to pick all the clothes and fashion accessories within the same place. This way you can avoid the pain of going to another store to pick matching accessories to go with your new dress. There are some garment stores which even sell the accessories and clothes as a set and hence when you pick a top you have already picked matching studs to go with. Since you get them together you can be rest assured to get the best possible price too! For instance, when you buy a white top, black diamond studs would go best with them and you can now flaunt the entire set without picking each item separately.

Shiny diamond studs earrings

The best and nicest way to get diamond studs is to get them from any of the above 3 stores. You can now go and pick clothes and find the perfect match of studs to go with them. Even if you are looking for diamond studs to go with your already existing clothes then all these places come in handy. Since they are all specialized in selling the best fashion earrings you can be assured to get nothing but the best. You can even try a mix of these studs to go with your jeans and top or skirt and top and they would all look amazingly good. Studs go well with any and every kind of dress and suit most facial types. You can even pick a stud with your lucky stone and flaunt it! It’s awesome looking and at the same time lucky for you too.

Canary Diamond

Canary diamond is one subcategory of fancy diamonds renowned for their intense yellow coloring. They occur in a variety of color grades, varying from fancy vivid yellow to faint yellow and most often features other color shades such as orange, brown and green. They are formed when there is presence of nitrogen in the carbon crystals while the diamond is forming. Nitrogen is the compound that is responsible for the yellow coloration. They generally produce a brighter yellow color when there is much nitrogen. These stones are obtained from the natural surroundings and not mined as the other diamonds. Because they are really rare to get, the stones come with a hefty price tag.

Glowing canary diamond

Canary diamond is a popular item and is perfectly fitted at the center of the ring alongside the white colored diamond so as to augment the beauty of the ring. You will come across very unique designs and discover that these stones are in a variety of hues. Even though the designs are quite simple, they have the ability to capture the attention of buyers. That is the reason why yellow diamond rings are offered as gifts to loved ones on special occasions such as canary diamond wedding rings or engagement. Canary diamond engagement rings are obtainable in diverse popular shapes such as:

  • Oval cut diamond ring

  • Princess cut diamond ring

  • Radiant cut diamond ring

    nice pink diamond earrings

The yellow diamond blends well with white gold or platinum rather than with the yellow gold. The yellow canary diamond ring is essentially a ring with diamond containing a yellow hue or tint. Due to increased availability and exposure, they are becoming more and more popular nowadays. The more attractive aspect about these rings is that they are really unique. The colorless diamond rings are far more available in the market than the yellow ones. This implies that you have the option of gifting your fiancée with something that is special. Often times, uniqueness drives the value up and therefore it is essential that you be sure of the decision prior to moving forward.

Special canary diamond engagement rings

Since canary diamond is difficult to obtain, the internet has become one of the leading places where people search for them. There are many jewelers online these days that you can get a great deal especially after doing the right research. Ensure that you done a price comparison and also research on the color type that you are interested in since there is a broad range of colors and different intensity levels available. You will need somebody with much knowledge about these diamonds and someone with experience in selling them. Select a dealer who trades a variety of colored diamonds and who charges fair prices for them.

Nowadays, pink diamond earrings are becoming increasingly popular not just for the exquisiteness but also since they are rare. Actually, most gemologists project that in a few years to come they will be totally nonexistent. A majority of the pink diamonds are mined in areas such as Brazil, Africa and Australia. In fact, about 90% of pink diamonds worldwide are mined from Australia’s western region in Argyle diamond mine. The pink diamonds are categorized into:

  • Pink

  • Orangeish pink

  • Purplish pink

  • Pink champagne and 

  • Brownish pink

    Roundish yellow canary diamond ring

There are various crucial aspects that you need to put into consideration when purchasing diamonds. You will need to compare the size and quality of the diamond. The intensity and depth of the color is an important aspect in fancy colored diamonds. The carat weight is another vital factor which influences the pricing of the yellow diamond. The larger diamonds are more expensive because it is more difficult to get a large yellow diamond as compared to a smaller one. Also consider the quality of the cut. A quality stone should prioritize on the cut more than on carats since the hallmark of the canary diamond is its brilliant glow.

In addition, buyers should take into consideration their complexion while purchasing diamonds. The main purpose is to make it match and accentuate the skin tone. Prior to purchasing diamonds online or in the jewelry stores, check the place of their origin, possibilities available of using them in jewelry items and the proof of its genuineness such as a certificate with cut, color and clarity notated.

All About Diamond Bands

Men have to get down on their bended knees when proposing and produce diamond bands in velvet boxes during acceptance. However, you do not know if you should choose these bands for your bride because you do not know much about them. These bands help in narrowing down your choice because they are some of the most popular choices when it comes to diamond bands for women.

Eternity diamond bands

Diamond Wedding Bands

The diamond bands are made of many smaller channel or pave diamonds that are set directly into them. Channel settings hold the small diamonds by their sides between a couple of long tracks of precious metals. You cannot see any metal between the gemstones if these settings are used with rectangular, princess, or square diamonds. They produce floating diamonds in a stunning continuous line. Pave settings on the other hand have very small claw-like prongs that are barely visible. Round cut diamonds typically have pave settings that are in a brilliant illusion across the surfaces of the rings.

Hearty pink diamond earrings

Daily Diamond Wear

Like diamond bands rings for women, mens diamond bands can be worn daily because they are very comfortable since their setting is smoothly done into the bands of the rings. They are suitable for men who love working with children, medical professionals, and sports lovers because they have a low profile.

Cost of Diamond Jewelry

These bands are more expensive as compared to black diamond bands because the small gemstones that are used for the creation of their brilliant impact are not easy to find. In addition, since pave settings are labor intensive and highly skilled, they are some of the most expensive.

Nice diamond bands for women

The best-selling 14k diamond bands

The following are some of the best-selling 14k diamond rings that can enchant you as well as your spouse so much that both of you will want to wear them on your fingers.

  • Princess cut 14k diamond rings – You cannot overlook the elegance and popularity of these bands because they stand next to the rounded ones when it comes to the lending of sheer multidimensional sparkling effects. These bands have been popular since 1964 and their quality is high with SI in clarity and GOH in color.

  • The 14k Cassiopeia diamond rings – These brilliant diagonally cut diamonds that have posh vibe serve the intention of people who love versatility in the bands that they wish to buy for their weddings and wear for a lifetime. If you want some extra glitter, you can choose crown center diamonds that have high polished quality. Alternatively, if you want to highlight the diamonds, you can opt for a brush finish.

Factors to consider when buying diamond band rings

Look for guarantee and security when buying a diamond ring:

  • Buy a 14k diamond 3mm ring that measures 10 centimeters and a 10-carat diamond band that measures 3mm for your bride. This band has a lifetime warranty for replacing it at no charge at any time and hence, you do not have to worry about it being fractured or damaged.

  • In addition, since it will be reshaped in accordance with your requirements at no charge, you do not have to fret about the need to change the size of your finger. You can also ensure that it is engraved. This ring is perfect for people who prefer to wear something practical with their thinking hat.

  • You should consider buying a 14k diamond wedding band that is 6mm wide and has a diamond weight of 0.48 carat. It is currently available in sizes of between 5 and 13.

Titanium black diamond bands

Alternatively, you should consider buying a hi-polish ring that has a smooth finish, “channel set round diamond “ ring because it suits stylish high fashion aesthetic individuals since it is comfortable to wear.

A wedding requires you to be responsible and your responsibility is to make your bride to feel lucky and special. You should therefore ensure that you get diamond rings that will match with her pink diamond earrings on that special day.

Get the Right Loose Diamonds for Earrings

Loose diamonds are renowned for their shine and magnificence. A variety of them have been discovered over the years and you can get them in their raw state and have them cut and valued. Diamonds are available in a variety of sizes, colors, shapes, and quality. All these factors determine the loose diamond prices. Decide how much you are willing to spend on the diamond and the specific features you want. You can buy them for earrings to make a statement. Getting loose diamonds that are separate from the earrings will save you a lot of money. Here is some valuable information to use when you purchasing diamonds.

Grain and loose diamonds


You need to think about shape when choosing loose diamonds. Choose your favorite shape to complement your taste. If you are buying a gift, ask the person about their preferences to avoid disappointment. An individual’s personality can also determine the most suitable shape when purchasing a diamond. Round is one of the most popular shapes. It is important to note that a round cut will be more expensive compared to other shapes. However, it is possible to get cheap loose diamonds. You can find some elaborate shapes like trillian, radiant, princess and marquise, which tend to be cheaper.


If you are buying pink diamond earrings, you should consider the weight of the stone. The size of the stone you get will depend on your preferences. Some people like small quality loose diamonds while others prefer large ones. A bigger stone does not signify better quality. Smaller stones tend to look more stylish compared to large ones. Stones that weight less than 0.5 carats are considered small while those that weight over 1.5 carats are considered big. Find a size that suits the earrings you want to purchase. The stone should complement the metal instead of overwhelming it.

Special pink diamond earrings


A diamond’s appearance is determined by its cut. If a stone is not well cut, it will look dull. Well cut stones tend to be radiant and twinkle. Get loose diamonds gia certified for a well cut stone. If you want a round shape, select stones from the Very Good grade. For the elaborate shapes, you get stones from the Good grade. A limited budget can still get you a good stone from the Fair-Good grade. This is an appropriate choice if you are buying a stone in one of the elaborate shapes.

Small and cheap loose diamonds


It is difficult to determine a stone’s color once it is placed on an earring. Buying the stone separate from the piece of jewelry gives you the chance to select the best color. Larger stones tend to make it easier to identify the color. If you are looking for a stone that will create a statement once it is set on a pair of earrings, get a larger size. Select the best cut instead of focusing on the color. A great cut will help to bring out the color on the stone. If you want the color to be noticeable, select a round stone or elaborate shape such as princess. A stone with a yellow setting will work well if your budget is limited. This bright color will complement the any stone. A GIA certified color scheme will help you make the right choice when shopping for a stone.


Focus on the stone clarity if you want a perfect diamond. Find diamonds in the VS1-VS2 range to avoid imperfections. These stones tend to seem flawless to any observer and they cost less than genuine flawless diamonds. You can also select a stone from the SI1 collection, which can include some flaws but they are not visible to casual observers. This option is good if you select a stone that has a high quality color and cut. The combination makes the stone look radiant even with a few imperfections. They will only be visible if the stone is closely examined, which does not occur often. Well cut stones tend to hide the imperfections better. Some of the cut you can select include pear, round, oval, cushion, princess and marquise.

About loose diamonds gia certified


Find a reliable and certified seller when you purchase loose diamonds. This will ensure you get quality stones. GIA certifications guarantee quality therefore you should not compromise to get lower loose diamonds prices.

Loose diamonds are great investments as these gems have higher value as time goes by. You can have it embedded on silver and gold later on and make fine jewelry. You can also have it as heirloom to the next generation or as a gift to someone you dearly love.

Shop for the Perfect Diamond Earrings

When it comes to matters of elegance and class, diamond earrings would surely stand out most of the time. This is mainly because diamonds earrings are known to be very classy plus they do not go out of style. Characteristic of an amazing brilliant sparkle, a versatile nature and an alluring simplicity, these pieces of stones are truly magical.

Chocolate diamonds are one of the most valuable pieces of jewelry which one can own. The best thing about these types of earrings is the fact that they can be worn at anytime and anywhere. For instance, chocolate diamond earrings can be worn to compliment the look of an equally elegant dinner dress, simply casual jeans or even a neatly knitted sweater. This versatile nature of these rings is actually what makes it very elegant and special.

Colorful chocolate diamonds

Reasons why you should consider getting yourself a diamond earring

There are several reasons why you should seriously consider chocolate diamonds and other accessories. Some of these reasons include the fact that:

  • They serve as a perfect gift for people who are loved e.g. your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband and many more.

  • They complement all kinds of dressing and generally look fabulous with everything.

    Fine pink diamond earrings

  • They can also be easily matched with other jewelry e.g. gold and still maintain an appealing look to the eye.

  • There are several types of chocolate diamonds rings to choose from for example studs, drops hoops and many more. This means anyone interested is guaranteed a chance to get hold of an earring which perfectly suit personal preferences and needs.

Quality is by far the most important aspect that you should focus on while looking for a diamond ring. Take note, low quality serves tends to take away or lower the natural beauty that is usually associated with diamond earrings and other high profiled jewelry. Talking of quality, to get the best ring/earring such as the popular pink diamond earrings, then emphasize on the studs that are being used as well as the four C’s associated with diamond quality that is Cut, Clarity, Color, Carat.

Glamorous chocolate diamonds rings

How to identify perfect Chocolate diamonds

  • Look at the cut

    The cut of the diamond is very important in identifying the best chocolate diamonds earrings and rings since it is what actually dictates the brilliance and beauty of the diamond. The best way to validate the cuts is to take a close look on whether it reflects light evenly/brilliantly. Any dark spot is an indication that the diamond might have been cut slightly deeper that it should. On the other hand, any opaqueness simply means that the diamond might have been cut shallow.

  • Clarity

    The clarity of the diamond is determined by the extent of the flaws or its visible inclusions. Take note, any flaws present within the diamond will tend to mar its beauty and even affect the manner in which it is supposed to reflect light.

  • Color

The most valuable and finest of all diamonds are those which are absolutely colorless. According to GIA ranking of diamonds of D through to Z. Grade D diamonds are absolutely colorless whereas the grade Z is distinctively yellow. The grade D through to grade F are by far the most expensive though some experts have supported the fact that even the grade H – I also seem colorless when mounted hence equally valuable stylish and elegant.

Cute chocolate diamonds earrings

  • Carat

It is important to understand the fact that carat size is not in any way related to the quality or any other thing. Large diamond studs tend to have more dramatic effects though this is never a guarantee. This being the case, it is advised that you emphasize more on size

Details of the best place to purchase diamond earrings

The best place to shop around for the most elegant Chocolate diamonds is the internet. This is because it makes it very easy to make familiarize with the different diamond ring styles available. What’s more, making of comparisons is very easy since there is unlimited access to the countless online stores dealing diamond earrings, chocolate diamonds necklace and other diamond jewelry. In fact, online there are even specialized diamond earring dealers from whom you are guaranteed a chance to get hold of the type of diamond ring that you may be interested in.

There are very few important accessories of equal importance to earrings. Chocolate diamonds serve as a guarantee for amazing natural shine which will compliment any type of dressing formal / informal. In short, Wearing diamond rings is by far the best way to showcase to the world to which extent you can glow.

Sporty Elegance with a Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Diamond is the most popular gem for women. Wearing a diamond tennis bracelet complements your personality in the truest sense. This is a fine piece of diamond jewelry for women who love a sporty and gorgeous look like a tennis player. Of course there is an interesting story behind its popularity. In 1987, famous tennis personality Chris Evert accidentally lost her bracelet during a match. She postponed the match till the bracelet was found. The match resumed afterwards and this jewelry got popularity among the tennis fans through media and newspapers. It is widely popular diamond jewelry now.

NIce diamond tennis bracelet

An exquisite Diamond Gift

You can buy a black diamond tennis bracelet and give a nice surprise to your partner. It is an ideal gift to someone you really care about. Needless to say it’s expensive. Therefore, you need to make up your budget accordingly. Try looking for a trusted jewelry shop nearby or you can also search through various online jewelry shops for a giveaway deal. There are many online jewelry shops selling genuine diamond tennis bracelet at reasonable price. You must compare the prices of different vendors in order to come close to the best deal. Presenting such a bracelet to the woman you love shows your regards and passion towards her.

Hot pink diamond earrings

Diamond is a gem that lasts forever. Everybody is quite aware of it. Hence, you need not say a word describing the gift you present to your loved ones. You can easily make a permanent place on their heart by giving a gold diamond tennis bracelet. This jewelry has already made its place on the top of fashion accessories for women. Consequently, you should be careful when you buy such a bracelet.

  • Check for authenticity certificate and prefer a trusted vendor for reliable jewelry products that returns back the worth you paid for it.

  • Cost is of course a dominating factor but you can find a deal with the lowest possible price in case you search through online diamond jewelry sites. If you have sufficient budget, you can go for such combo offers for a discounted price, incomparable with the price offered at your local jewelry shops. It is best to buy these expensive fashion accessories during popular occasions such as Christmas or Halloween.

    Awesome black diamond tennis bracelet

  • You should avoid third party diamond selling websites if you want purity and reasonable price. However, there are some exceptions. Some third party sites selling genuine diamond tennis bracelet at rock bottom price for promotional purposes. You can rush in to such place and grab your choicest jewelry before the stock gets empty. You can research a little by reading reviews and customer feedbacks before you head on towards a closing deal. You can save money by selecting silver as the base material for sterling silver diamond tennis bracelet as the gold price is at rise.

Factors to consider When Choosing a Diamond Gift

There are certain factors to consider when you go out buying a diamond tennis bracelet. You need to be sure that the vendor is providing you the right information regarding the jewelry’s carat units, cut, clarity and color. These four factors are essential in getting real and high quality diamond jewelry without any flaws.

How to wear a Diamond Jewelry

You can also wear such a bracelet along with diamond studded earrings for a compelling look. Diamond jewelry is something that is noticed by the people around you. Choosing a simplistic and classy design will give you an impressive outdoor appearance. You can wear them for evening parties, birthday parties or at a casual day out with friends.

Sparkling gold diamond tennis bracelet

You should always remember that buying diamond jewelry is a lifetime investment. There are combo deals are available when you buy a set of pink diamond earrings along with a bracelet.

With the vast selection of diamond jewelry products and market competition, every vendor tries to offer diamond jewelry products at the least minimum price possible. Therefore, you can stay sure that buying latest diamond jewelry will not dig a big hole in your pocket. You just need to choose the right piece of diamond fashion accessory within your budget, check for authenticity certification, compare the prices by visiting multiple shops, and finally come close to a reasonable deal. It is the best way to buy this fantastic piece of gem without spending much from your monthly budget.

Black Diamonds

Black diamonds are the hardest material that exists on this earth. Diamonds are treasured as gemstones and are also used widely when making jewelry. Some of the jewelry made from diamonds includes bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings just to mention but a few. A natural diamond is usually white but through processes such as radiation, diamonds of different colors can be extracted blue, pink, black red among other colors.

Black diamonds are also known as Carbonados are usually the toughest and the rarest diamonds. They are only found in parts of Brazil and Africa. The hardness of this diamonds makes it almost impossible for them to be broken and jewelry made out of them hence it’s very rare for one to claim they have bought a natural diamond that is black in color.

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Due to this fact, jewelry manufactures have taken to artificial methods of producing them. The available black diamonds rings are usually as a result of added black inclusions white diamonds can also undergo radiation and high heat intensity to give them the uniform black color. Most of them do not produce the sparkle as it is with the white diamonds.

Black Diamond Jewelry

They are quickly becoming a trend among the types of jewelry worn. They can be used to make all sorts of jewelry ranging from rings, necklaces, black diamonds earrings and many more. They can be mixed with white diamonds or with pink diamond earrings to give them that extra sparkle and elegance look. The earrings are seen as fashionable and elegant. One also has the choice of buying loose black diamonds. These earrings are not only popular with the ladies but are sort out by men who wear studded earrings. There are various types of diamond earrings that are black available in the market.

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• Drop earrings.

This is a design of earrings that is quite popular especially among the ladies. They are small earrings that that have small metal droplets suspended just below the earlobe. The diamonds are usually incorporated in the metal droplets using a bead like structure. The diamond can be in all the metal droplets or can be put in just one of the droplets. This sometimes depends on the buyers specifications.

• Hoops earrings

These are circular like earrings. The diameter of the circular shape varies some are small while others are big. The diamonds are usually placed all around the circle or sometimes just go half way through it. These types of earring are usually worn during parties and special occasions such as birthdays and weddings.

• Stud earrings

These are usually small earrings. They are worn by women as well as men. They come in various shapes crystal like, diamond shaped, flower shaped and may come in other different shapes as required by the buyer. The diamond is usually incorporated in the small crystal like structure usually found right in the middle of the stud. These types of earrings are usually won during official functions as they emit the classy look.

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Taking care of black diamonds

They are taken care of just like any other typical diamonds. One needs to polish the diamonds with a soft cloth each time they remove them. Regular cleaning of diamonds ensures that they always retain their sparkle. They do not require much cleaning or the use of particular chemicals. All you need to do is to use a soft cloth to avoid scratching it, and some lukewarm water. The diamonds should then be thoroughly dried after cleaning.

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When storing the black diamonds you should ensure that they are in smooth place and are not placed together with any other earrings or materials that may scratch the diamonds. In case you notice any scratches or breakage in the diamonds it’s recommended that you take the piece to a diamond professional that can repair the damaged areas.

When holding the diamond it’s advisable that your hands be sparkling clean do not touch them with oils or creams this may dull the shine of the diamond.

They are recommended for anyone who fancies classy, chic and unique kinds of jewelry. Despite the radiation processes that it undergoes the diamond does not lose any of its qualities and is still durable as any other natural diamond. When blended with other gemstones it gives them an extra shine and accentuates their beauty. They are also found to be quite cheaper as compared to the white diamonds.