Black Diamonds

Black diamonds are the hardest material that exists on this earth. Diamonds are treasured as gemstones and are also used widely when making jewelry. Some of the jewelry made from diamonds includes bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings just to mention but a few. A natural diamond is usually white but through processes such as radiation, diamonds of different colors can be extracted blue, pink, black red among other colors.

Black diamonds are also known as Carbonados are usually the toughest and the rarest diamonds. They are only found in parts of Brazil and Africa. The hardness of this diamonds makes it almost impossible for them to be broken and jewelry made out of them hence it’s very rare for one to claim they have bought a natural diamond that is black in color.

pretty black diamonds

Due to this fact, jewelry manufactures have taken to artificial methods of producing them. The available black diamonds rings are usually as a result of added black inclusions white diamonds can also undergo radiation and high heat intensity to give them the uniform black color. Most of them do not produce the sparkle as it is with the white diamonds.

Black Diamond Jewelry

They are quickly becoming a trend among the types of jewelry worn. They can be used to make all sorts of jewelry ranging from rings, necklaces, black diamonds earrings and many more. They can be mixed with white diamonds or with pink diamond earrings to give them that extra sparkle and elegance look. The earrings are seen as fashionable and elegant. One also has the choice of buying loose black diamonds. These earrings are not only popular with the ladies but are sort out by men who wear studded earrings. There are various types of diamond earrings that are black available in the market.

cute black diamonds earrings for women

• Drop earrings.

This is a design of earrings that is quite popular especially among the ladies. They are small earrings that that have small metal droplets suspended just below the earlobe. The diamonds are usually incorporated in the metal droplets using a bead like structure. The diamond can be in all the metal droplets or can be put in just one of the droplets. This sometimes depends on the buyers specifications.

• Hoops earrings

These are circular like earrings. The diameter of the circular shape varies some are small while others are big. The diamonds are usually placed all around the circle or sometimes just go half way through it. These types of earring are usually worn during parties and special occasions such as birthdays and weddings.

• Stud earrings

These are usually small earrings. They are worn by women as well as men. They come in various shapes crystal like, diamond shaped, flower shaped and may come in other different shapes as required by the buyer. The diamond is usually incorporated in the small crystal like structure usually found right in the middle of the stud. These types of earrings are usually won during official functions as they emit the classy look.

black diamonds rings for women

Taking care of black diamonds

They are taken care of just like any other typical diamonds. One needs to polish the diamonds with a soft cloth each time they remove them. Regular cleaning of diamonds ensures that they always retain their sparkle. They do not require much cleaning or the use of particular chemicals. All you need to do is to use a soft cloth to avoid scratching it, and some lukewarm water. The diamonds should then be thoroughly dried after cleaning.

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When storing the black diamonds you should ensure that they are in smooth place and are not placed together with any other earrings or materials that may scratch the diamonds. In case you notice any scratches or breakage in the diamonds it’s recommended that you take the piece to a diamond professional that can repair the damaged areas.

When holding the diamond it’s advisable that your hands be sparkling clean do not touch them with oils or creams this may dull the shine of the diamond.

They are recommended for anyone who fancies classy, chic and unique kinds of jewelry. Despite the radiation processes that it undergoes the diamond does not lose any of its qualities and is still durable as any other natural diamond. When blended with other gemstones it gives them an extra shine and accentuates their beauty. They are also found to be quite cheaper as compared to the white diamonds.