How to Choose Dangle Earrings

Earrings should be comfortable and go well with shoes and clothes. Diamond dangle earrings can become heavy depending on the gems used to create them. Comfort is important because if they are not, your ears will suffer for it.

• Dress for the occasion: Dangle earrings are perfect for dressing up for a night out. Long gold dangle earring will make you stand out in a club. Pink diamond earrings that sparkle and cascade down can make a gown look extra spectacular. Simple diamond dangle earring adds a touch of bling.

• Think about your own personal style when you are buying jewelry. It should not clash with the rest of who you are. There are jewelry styles that are available from quirky to extreme sophistication.

• Hair: Your hairstyle will enhance your hair style. Dangle earrings look elegant with an up-do or short hair. If you have a nice neckline you want to show off, pearl dangle earrings will draw attention to your neck.

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• Age: There comes a time where women of a certain age cannot wear the same clothes and accessories they wore in their youth. Gold dangle earrings do not look great on older women. There is no law against older women wearing such earring but like clothes, hairstyles and processional style change as women get older, and that does not change even if you choose pearl dangle earring same can be said of certain types of earrings like dangling kinds.

Earrings have been worn for eons as a status symbol and they probably will continue being used even if it’s for a different message or symbolism. Jewelry designers have become bolder but there are still classic designs that still work for most women.

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Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend but pearls are the next best thing – as some people would call them but considering how rare pearls are. The combination of Diamonds with pearls is an interesting one. There is a balance that is needed and one get cannot overpower the other. Diamonds dangle earring will always have to decide?

Know your diamonds and pearls 

If you have more diamonds than pearls make sure that the diamonds are of good quality, By quality we mean that clarity, cut and shape of the diamond. Clarity refers to imperfections; the cut involves the shaping of the diamond. The perfection of pearls cannot be enhanced by cutting or shaping.

The cut of the diamond will determine how brilliant its shine will be. Pearls are either real or imperfect but no self-respecting jeweler will use imperfect pearls with brilliantly cut diamonds.

Guide to Choosing the right earring to enhance your best facial features

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A woman wears earrings to enhance the way her face looks but sometimes women wear earrings to express how they are feeling, just like they do with clothes. The style of earring that a woman chooses can say a lot about her character. When choosing the kind of earrings to wear you should consider how they enhance your beauty by baking sure that the shape and the way the earrings hang from your ears. Earrings should also complement your hair style and what you are wearing. With dangling earrings the movement and sparkle (if any) of the earring to your enhance certain features of your face. Just be careful that what get enhanced are the best features of your face. Let us address the face itself and discuss the kind of earrings that are suitable for the different types;

• Oval shaped faces: Most earrings suit this kind of face, so you can try any type of earring.

• If you have a diamond shaped face, the kind with a pronounced chin and jaw line, the kind of earring s you should be wearing should be narrow so as not to make your jawline more pronounced than it needs to be.

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• A triangular shaped face: You need earrings that have soft curves. Stay away from earrings with pronounced angles. The kind of drop earrings that are suitable for this type of face are tear drops, otherwise hoops, button-type earrings and curved edged earrings work well with this rectangular shaped face.

• Chubby faces are enhanced by dangle earrings. They make the face look thinner than it actually is but be careful of the length and adjust it so that if your neck is short you don’t end up wearing earrings that go down to your shoulders.

Jewelry design like most fashionable things, change every season and sometimes, dangle earrings are not considered to be the must-have accessory but if you are not a follower of trends and you understand what works for you, you will not let fashion dictate that you can or cannot wear. Fashion is meant to work for you so choose your jewelry in accordance to what works and what is within your “taste”.