All You Wanted To Know About Diamond Hoop Earrings

If you one of those women who love wearing feminine and glamorous diamond jewelry, opt for diamond hoop earrings. These types of dangle earrings made with diamonds are available in various styles, designs and settings to match your taste. However, learning about simple tips for buying this type of earrings can go a long way in helping you find the right pair successfully.

Tips for Choosing Diamond Hoops Earrings

Size: When buying this type of hoop earnings, considering the size of the earring can play a vital role in helping you choose the right one. The fact that there large and thin hoops are ideal for partying or clubbing, hugged- style hoops or small hoops are usually preferred by people with small earlobes or for someone who wish to wear these earrings casually every day.

trendy black diamond hoop earrings

Metal: When buying a pair of this diamond jewelry, it is important to consider the metal in which the diamonds are placed. The great thing about diamonds is the fact that they look great in any type of metal: yellow gold, silver, tungsten, and white gold or platinum, they are set. However, while buying this piece of jewelry set in yellow gold will help it dazzle and sparkle more, opting for earrings set in silver metal will make your earrings appear more beautiful and classy on a subtle level.

Design: Diamond hoop earrings can be designed either only by using diamonds or using diamonds with other stones such as rubies, sapphire, garnet and emeralds. While earrings which either have small diamonds or a solitaire dangling at the bottom of the loop is a popular choice for those who prefer only diamonds, hoops featuring a design that has diamonds and stones such as s rubies or sapphires in alternate design proves to be ideal for those preferring diamonds with other color stones.

stylish white gold diamond hoop earrings

The 4 Cs: When buying diamond jewelry, considering the three c’- Color, Cut, Carat and Clarity can go a long way in helping you choose the right one according to your taste and requirement.

  • Color: When choosing pure white diamond earrings, opt for the stone that reflects light. The fact that many natural white diamonds may have tints of yellow or brown in them, choose earrings with clear diamonds that reflect colors of rainbow back to your eyes. However, earrings made of fancy colored diamonds such as blue diamond earrings or pink diamond earrings are also highly valuable and lie outside the brown and yellow color range. 

  • Cut: Choosing the right diamond cut is vital to help your piece of diamond jewelry look classy and beautiful. However, while the classic, cool cut of emerald and baguette style diamond appeal to many people, opting for an earring made of round diamonds will help your earring sparkle and dazzle brilliantly.  

best stylish diamond hoop earrings

  • Carat: Considering the carat of diamonds according to your requirements is important when go shopping for the perfect pair of earrings. Some of the most common carat size for hugged – style or hoop style earrings include 1/3, 3/4 and 1/5.

  • Clarity: Always opt for the highest rated clarity of earrings whenever you consider buying these of hoop earrings.

Different Types of Diamond Hoop Earrings

Black Diamond Hoop Earrings are a type of earrings that is a trendy fashion accessory for most women. This earring can not only be worn with any type of clothing, but can also be worn by anyone, irrespective of their skin color, age or general physical appearance. However, these earrings are usually expensive when compared to their other counterparts.

best fashionable pink diamond earrings

White Gold Diamond Hoop Earrings are one of the most in demand earrings in the market. The benefits of having this type versatile piece of jewelry are the fact that this pair can be worn for a trendy party as well as for a conventional family gathering or at the work place.

Inside out Diamond Hoop Earrings: A unique feature of this inside out earring is the fact that since it is designed in a sense that allows you to wear it side by side without any defects. Moreover, since this design features secure lock clasp, this type of earring will not fall off or get lost easily, thereby allowing you to have peace of mind.

Considering some of these factors when buying this exquisite piece jewelry will not only make your shopping experience a satisfying and pleasurable one, but will also help you get the perfect diamond hoop earrings according to your taste and requirements successfully.

An in-depth Guide into Buying Cheap Earrings

Cheap earrings have over the years become indispensable accessories for most fashion-conscious individuals. Earrings have been in circulation since time immemorial, and are perhaps some of the best types of accessories that can set off the look of almost any face. Particularly those that hold gems or those crafted from precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum among many others, which can effortlessly add a touch of sophistication to any outfit an individual might don. While dangling earrings often create the illusion of an elongated neck, and not forgetting earrings studs that are unmatched for their versatility.

heart shaped cheap earrings online

However, due to the ravenous demand for these products and their overabundance in the fashion market, appropriating excellent cheap earrings that match your distinctive needs, can be at most times a pain in the back. This has left most fashion-conscious persons at a loss of what to do when it comes to purchasing trendy earrings. Not wishing to be left out on the earrings mania, many people opt for poor imitations that don’t offer a lasting solution to their fashion wants.

Naturally, this can be remedied by such individuals taking the time to determine just what features to look out for when earring shopping. And the following are some tips that can guide you to make a bargain purchase without compromising on the beauty and more to the point, quality of your earrings.

Find cheap earrings that can fit your distinct style

Everyone has a particular look that she/he integrates in their general dressing, however, when choosing the right earrings it is of great importance to look for those that complement your facial shape and even complexion.

unique pink diamond earrings

For those with rectangular-shaped faces, round hoops earrings can effectively soften their appearance, while angular cheap earrings can effortlessly accentuate a sharp visage. It is then vital to get earrings that will not only blend with your outfit, but also enhance your facial appearance.

Choose the right cheap earrings clasps

This is vital component of all earrings, which besides enhancing the aesthetic value of these products also holds them secure on the ear lobe, which eliminates any discomfort that might arise from prolonged usage. There is a diverse variety of earring clasps, and some of the most popular ones include:


These happen to be one of the most popular earring clasp, and comprises of a long and bent post that can be fitted through an ear piercing. Thin wire hooks particularly significantly minimize the weight of dangling earrings, making wearing them extremely comfortable.


These are earrings fastenings that are crafted devoid of posts, and are highly compatible with ear lobes that haven’t been pierced.

Other trendy earring clasps include butterfly finding, leverback, and omega among many others

elegant cheap earrings

Safety of earring piercing

Earring piercings are prone to be affected by irritation or even infections, and it is critical to buy cheap earrings that don’t trigger such occurrences. It is then vital to comprehensively verify just exactly what kind of raw product your earrings are fashioned from.

Some of the best and safest materials include stainless steel, titanium or even some variations of gold. It is also important to determine whether the earring you want to buy contains cobalt or nickels, which are known to cause skin irritations.

Choosing fine cheap earrings

It is also possible to procure classy jewels such as pink diamond earrings that are naturally suited for all manner of settings, as the gem invariably illuminates the face, and can also blend well with other accessories like necklaces or even bracelets.

best stylish cheap earrings for men

Cheap earrings for men

In today’s fashion-conscious world, men are by no means left behind when it comes to accessorizing. Earrings can particularly redefine and enhance a man’s fashion flair, and there are diverse cheap earrings for men that want to redefine their looks. What’s more such jewelry can look good on both formal and casual wear.

On the other hand, cheap earrings for women can not only enhance a lady’s beauty, but also facilitate the means of making the perfect fashion statement. For those that might want to buy cheap earrings online, there are numerous online stores such as Amazon or even eBay that retail a wide variety of these products at bargain prices. There are many elements to talk about but this is an insight in this regard.

Leverback Earrings

Leverback earrings are the answer to the old age query; ’How can one avoid losing the back of their favorite earrings’. The earrings have a hook that is fitted through the pierced ear, bends and clasps on the backside of the earlobe. These type of earrings is a must have for any woman’s collection as the lady solves the gravitation of losing one of their favorite earrings forcing them to render the pair useless. Some people wear these earrings because they like the unique and exquisite look they emit, and others love them for their convenience as the hook holds the earring securely on the ear therefore, it cannot easily slip out and get lost which is usually common with other types.

Advantages of Leverback Designed Earrings

When out shopping for earrings, design should not be the only choice that one should make as the hooks and clasps can be quite uncomfortable. With the Leverback earrings one is assured of benefits such as;rhodium leverback diamond earrings

  • Security. While some earrings hang precariously on hooks, these type of earrings dangle on an enclosed hook. Purchasing expensive Leverback earrings exudes confidence since you are assured that once you wear them they won’t slip out and get lost.

  • Style. When purchasing any jewelry, style is the priority in most cases as it projects your fashion taste and preferences. These type of earrings is quite stylish as most of them are adorned with jewelry such as diamonds, rubies, crystals etc. These earrings are especially exquisite when worn in festivities such as ballroom parties whereby when hit by indoor lighting they gleam and shine. However, one can also sport them in workday ensembles and jeans.

elegant leverback earrings

  • Comfort. Some earrings irritate the skin with their sharp ends however, with the Leverback earrings the hooks close completely and also the rounded backs provide a comfortable landing when lying back or at the hair stylist getting pretty. 

As stated earlier, these earrings come in a variety of designs and styles that suits all taste and preferences depending on the event that the wearer is expected to attend as one would choose an entirely different pair for the office to another that would be appropriate for a day out with friends.

Gold Leverback Earrings 

Leverback gold earrings have a charming and durable presentation which distinguishes them from the pack. With the secure backing, one is able to wear the earrings comfortably and confidently without having to worry about losing their expensive earrings unnoticed. With the elegant designs, gemstones and patterns in gold, leverback’s pop! Browsing through for your favorite pair allows you to find different types of leverback’s with different designs and precious stones that when worn will be doing more than just turning heads.

Designs such as gold Leverback earrings can be a wonderful addition to the work ensemble of any lady as gold tends to match with almost everything official. One can choose a pair of drop earrings or one’s that brand emblems such as stars and with the addition of jewels such as colored diamonds which allow women to match the stone to the color of her outfit. Any lady who coordinates her jewelry perfectly emits an effect that can only be termed as beautiful and stunning.

cathy Waterman pink diamond earrings

Leverback Diamond Earrings

Diamonds are described as a girls’ best friend, and colored diamond Leverback earrings are the perfect accessory any girl would love to have in their collection. Colored Leverback diamond earrings such as pink colored are not only beautiful, but they also cause that awe moment when adorned either as the center piece on a ring or on an earring. Traditional properties that usually accompany diamonds are passion, energy and class. Moreover, there are certain beliefs that jewelry containing diamonds increase inner strength and improve relationships between the wearer and people around them. The wearer exudes confidence, abundance and clarity. Certain colors such as pink are associated with ladies and have a symbolic meaning of joy.

sophisticated diamond leverback earrings

Pink diamond earrings are not only classy and sassy, but also they have the ability to pop out during any event leaving a stunning look for the wearer, it is no wonder that they are a celebrity and a favorite to most women who adorn them. Pink diamonds can also be shaped and fitted into this type of earrings in a unique manner analogous to an artist palette. Shapes such as art decor, vintage inspired designs, oval, round and many more have an exquisite look which can be incorporated in both indoor and outdoor events.

10 Tips When Choosing the Best Fashion Earrings

Fashion earrings are the best thing to don when you wish to add that extra glam factor into your dressing. Fashion earrings for women are fast catching up as one of the most sought after accessory to go with any and every dress that you wish. It complements any type of dress and for sure your perfect look is more complete when you add some beautiful earrings to go with it. Here are some tips on how you can choose the most amazing earrings for a lovelier you.

10 Tips to Pick the Right Fashion Earrings for You

There are many things that you need to keep in mind while you are choosing a good earring for yourself. You need to select something that suits your taste, goes well with your dress, complements your face shape, and is a great add on with the kind of dress you are wearing.

trendy fashion earrings

  • Always pick earrings that are very bright and colorful. For example, pink diamond earrings would go best when the dress you are wearing is a black and white or of any similar shades. Contrast colors are the ‘in thing now. Lighter or sober color shades of dresses always go really well with bright and flashy color earrings.

  • Never ever try to go with what others wear. Earrings should always be a personalized thing. Try and make sure that you add your personal touch to every piece of jewelry that you wear. If you like nature a lot then your beautiful bright green or yellow dress would go well with peacock feathered earrings.

  • If you are a collector of fashion earrings then do make sure to have some vintage earrings in your collection. You can wear a traditional outfit or a long skirt and top and all kinds of vintage earrings would gel well with it. 

fashionable pink diamond earrings

  • Ear drops would go best with tight fit jeans and t shirts. When you pick a jeans or t shirt make sure to get the right kind of ear drops and preferably the short length ones that would give you the simple yet awesome and stunning look.

  • When you are on the plumpier side and have a round face then make sure to wear long earrings as often as you can. These earrings make you look slimmer and the donning with a black dress would make it even better for you.

  • Wearing circular fashion earrings is something you should refrain from if you have a round face. Even studs should preferably not be used by someone who has a round face. Doing this could spoil the look of the entire outfit of yours and can turn out to become a fashion disaster.

Kate Beckinsale

  • When you happen to have a long face then you should best use round earrings. These earrings are real good in terms of improving the overall look and feel of your dress and are a great add on. For a person with a round face, long and big fashion earrings are best avoided.

  • You don’t have to really pick only the costliest of earrings to make it go well with your dress. There a lot of cheap fashion earrings that you can buy and use and still look absolutely gorgeous in them. A person who has some good fashion sense will for sure know that it is not about the cost of a piece of jewelry, but how well you know how to match it with a dress that matters.

elegant fashion earrings for women

  • Earrings would work best for someone with an oval face. You can wear almost and every kind of fashion earring and still look absolutely beautiful and good looking. Triangle shaped earrings or wearing just studs would make you look your best.

  • Dainty drop fashion earrings are a great way to add some exotic jewelry into your wardrobe. These rings complement and every kind of dress. Their length is halfway between the long danglings and the studs. They can even be used to add some color to make your dress even prettier.

When you wish to look at your best then you cannot get to it unless you add a wonderful earring to it. There are earrings available in all sizes, colors, and costs. Go pick the right one for you and make use of it to bring you a better, beautiful and younger you! If you know how and when to use which kind of earring then even the simplest of earrings can work wonders for you.

How to Choose Dangle Earrings

Earrings should be comfortable and go well with shoes and clothes. Diamond dangle earrings can become heavy depending on the gems used to create them. Comfort is important because if they are not, your ears will suffer for it.

• Dress for the occasion: Dangle earrings are perfect for dressing up for a night out. Long gold dangle earring will make you stand out in a club. Pink diamond earrings that sparkle and cascade down can make a gown look extra spectacular. Simple diamond dangle earring adds a touch of bling.

• Think about your own personal style when you are buying jewelry. It should not clash with the rest of who you are. There are jewelry styles that are available from quirky to extreme sophistication.

• Hair: Your hairstyle will enhance your hair style. Dangle earrings look elegant with an up-do or short hair. If you have a nice neckline you want to show off, pearl dangle earrings will draw attention to your neck.

exquisite diamond dangle earrings

• Age: There comes a time where women of a certain age cannot wear the same clothes and accessories they wore in their youth. Gold dangle earrings do not look great on older women. There is no law against older women wearing such earring but like clothes, hairstyles and processional style change as women get older, and that does not change even if you choose pearl dangle earring same can be said of certain types of earrings like dangling kinds.

Earrings have been worn for eons as a status symbol and they probably will continue being used even if it’s for a different message or symbolism. Jewelry designers have become bolder but there are still classic designs that still work for most women.

best gold dangle earrings

Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend but pearls are the next best thing – as some people would call them but considering how rare pearls are. The combination of Diamonds with pearls is an interesting one. There is a balance that is needed and one get cannot overpower the other. Diamonds dangle earring will always have to decide?

Know your diamonds and pearls 

If you have more diamonds than pearls make sure that the diamonds are of good quality, By quality we mean that clarity, cut and shape of the diamond. Clarity refers to imperfections; the cut involves the shaping of the diamond. The perfection of pearls cannot be enhanced by cutting or shaping.

The cut of the diamond will determine how brilliant its shine will be. Pearls are either real or imperfect but no self-respecting jeweler will use imperfect pearls with brilliantly cut diamonds.

Guide to Choosing the right earring to enhance your best facial features

unique dangle earrings

A woman wears earrings to enhance the way her face looks but sometimes women wear earrings to express how they are feeling, just like they do with clothes. The style of earring that a woman chooses can say a lot about her character. When choosing the kind of earrings to wear you should consider how they enhance your beauty by baking sure that the shape and the way the earrings hang from your ears. Earrings should also complement your hair style and what you are wearing. With dangling earrings the movement and sparkle (if any) of the earring to your enhance certain features of your face. Just be careful that what get enhanced are the best features of your face. Let us address the face itself and discuss the kind of earrings that are suitable for the different types;

• Oval shaped faces: Most earrings suit this kind of face, so you can try any type of earring.

• If you have a diamond shaped face, the kind with a pronounced chin and jaw line, the kind of earring s you should be wearing should be narrow so as not to make your jawline more pronounced than it needs to be.

real pink diamond earrings

• A triangular shaped face: You need earrings that have soft curves. Stay away from earrings with pronounced angles. The kind of drop earrings that are suitable for this type of face are tear drops, otherwise hoops, button-type earrings and curved edged earrings work well with this rectangular shaped face.

• Chubby faces are enhanced by dangle earrings. They make the face look thinner than it actually is but be careful of the length and adjust it so that if your neck is short you don’t end up wearing earrings that go down to your shoulders.

Jewelry design like most fashionable things, change every season and sometimes, dangle earrings are not considered to be the must-have accessory but if you are not a follower of trends and you understand what works for you, you will not let fashion dictate that you can or cannot wear. Fashion is meant to work for you so choose your jewelry in accordance to what works and what is within your “taste”.

Considerations while Choosing your Drop Earrings

Drop earrings are widely used in the whole world and have proved never to go out of fashion in the near future. They are also commonly referred to as dangle earrings. They are a universally liked accessory since they are highly flexible. They can match a huge number of occasions, match any type of outfit, suit all kinds of hairstyles, skin tones or even face shapes. Many people do not know how to select the perfect and durable earrings since at times it is possible to find people who will sell you poor quality earrings. They also exist in a wide range of colors and styles that find new customers in a dilemma over which type to choose from. There are several types of these earrings such as chandelier, charms, Gemstones, teardrop and geometric. Each of these types has their own characteristics but some types can intermingle. Below are some of the considerations you can put in mind before buying your drop earrings from the jeweler.

simply elegant drop earrings

How to Buy Drop Earrings

Earrings become important when you feel comfortable in them. This is the reason why you have to avoid considering its beauty and instead consider how heavy it can last on your ear.

  • Buying earrings that are too heavy for your ear will result in them staying unworn for a long period of time in the jewelry box.

  • Avoid choosing huge dangling earrings since they are practically useless. They can only become important when you are considering a catwalk in any of the fashion shows.

  • Do not judge the weight of an earring by looking at how sizable it is. Some of them may look sizable but are actually light in the real sense.

  • Most designers are trying to use lightweight materials that make the weight unnoticeable.

elegant emerald drop earrings

Considering the Face of the Shape

Face shape is also important while choosing your earrings. They are designed in different shapes to match the different facial shapes.

  • Lean, long and angular curved earrings are fit for women with round faces. There are different shapes such as ovals, oblongs, square and rectangular earrings.

  • Oval faces can fit any type and style of earring. Earrings that are wider towards the bottom such as triangle and tear drop shapes are best suitable for those with heart-shaped faces.

  • If your face is triangular in shape, you need to find the type of earrings that will soften the sharp angles such as small circular and large oval earrings.

Considering the Earrings Design

Choosing the right material will influence the durability of your drop earrings. You can find designs such as pink diamond, emerald and crystal earrings.perfect cut diamond drop earrings

  • Crystal drop earrings are majorly are liked by most celebrities since they are expensive.

  • Diamond drop earrings are also expensive and beautiful. They can be the best jewelry investment you can make for a lifetime.

  • The other quality jewelry you can choose from includes pink diamond earrings and emerald drop earrings.

Mix and Match Earrings with Daily and Special Outfit

  • If you fancy big and over-sized earrings you can combine them with an over-sized necklace to match the design.

  • At times you may be tempted to wear them like celebrities do but it is good that you confirm whether your combination matches out exclusively.

natural pink diamond earrings

  • For a perfect look in these types of earrings, you have to ensure that you match it with a face-framing hair style such as a messy bun or a sleek ponytail.

  • They have to appear out exclusively to the public rather than stay hidden in your outwardly extending hair.

  • For you to make the most out of them, you must avoid creating another center of attraction that will pull people away from your fantastic earrings.

Before wearing your drop earrings, beware that they can only boost your beauty if worn with the right outfit and in the right occasion. There are no styling limits to how you should appear but your preferred style should appeal to many people. It will do more harm than good wearing a very expensive diamond earring with a casual dress in a very special occasion. Preserve the expensive earrings for special events and have the regular and cheap types during your normal daily duties. The latest trends in the jewelry industry indicate a boost in production of pieces with bold and attractive colors. You can make use of them to boost your appearance on the next date or night out.

The Exquisite Appeal of Tanzanite Earrings

The exquisite beauty of Tanzanite earrings enhances the natural elegance, class and beauty of any woman. They are fine pieces of jewelry that offer a unique versatility no other gem can offer. One can say that a woman wears her absolute best when she wears such an earring; it brings out confidence and grace in whoever is wearing it.

These adorable earrings can easily compliment any outfit or hairstyle. There are so many earrings made of diamond and Tanzanite – such as sterling silver Tanzanite earrings – one can choose to wear with any evening gown. One can also choose from various shapes and cuts, such as pear-shaped, round, oval, or emerald cuts.

sophisticated tanzanite earrings

Tanzanite: A Symbol of Royal Beauty

Tanzanite earrings have a luminescent blue coloration, which evokes an aura of class and royalty. It is a precious stone worthy of any Queen or princess. Its brilliant color accentuates and complements a diamond’s beauty, creating a stunning and exhilarating look that evades logic and evokes the highest admiration and awe.

It is easy to fall in love and become spellbound with this gem. It enhances almost any jewelry that it is combined with; creating a synergistic effect that brings out more of the beauty of its owner.

stunning sterling silver tanzanite earrings

Tanzanite Jewelry as a Gift

A Tanzanite accessory, such as blue Tanzanite earrings, is the perfect gift for any occasion. It is the perfect way to express one’s feelings of love and respect for a woman. It is a rare opportunity to show a loved one how beloved and important she is.

When one gives Tanzanite to a woman, it conveys how special she is, and communicates how her beauty knows no limits. The giver does not spare any cost for it. It is a luxury worthy of gracing her wonderful figure for a lifetime.

A Tanzanite gift tells a lady that her beauty is perfect, and that the best jewelry in the world can only serve to enhance that beauty but never equal it.

Tanzanite Earrings in Jewelry Sets for Any Season

For women, a good jewelry set combination creates a classy look. Matching necklaces, rings and earrings such as pink diamond earrings can be worn based on an individual’s unique taste or patterned from a proven combination.

Tanzanite can be part of a good jewelry set in any season. It can match any style. During the warm months, the stones can be organized as a motif of flowers. This motif is also useful to make winter months warmer.

elegant tanzanite earrings yellow gold

During the snowy months, angular pieces are ideal to elicit the thought of snowflakes and a white Christmas. Such a motif is also appealing during the warmer months as a fond reminder of snowy seasons and cooler times.

The Rarity and Uniqueness of Tanzanite

Tanzanite is a truly beautiful and rare gem. It can only be found in one location: in Mount Kilimanjaro’s foothills. Tanzanite earrings yellow gold in color as well as every other Tanzanite owes their existence to this area.

Tanzanite is phenomenally unique. According to African legend, the land where Tanzanite can be found was once set on fire by a lightning bolt. This blue fire transformed the area’s crystals into the blue-violet gems that we know of today.

The discovery of Tanzanite was very recent. The 1960s saw it emerge as a new gemstone offering exciting potential. The landscapes of its original home are as beautifully exquisite as Tanzanite itself.

rare pink diamond earrings

And compared to diamonds which can be found in many parts of the world, Tanzanite is a thousand times scarcer, since it is only found in Kilimanjaro. That makes it all the more precious, alluring and rare. It comes as no surprise then that its position in the geological hierarchy or precious stones is very important.

The color spectrum exhibited by Tanzanite encompasses the range of purple blue to blue violet, with its deepest hue commanding the highest price in the market. No wonder tanzanite earrings are sometimes considered more valuable than the traditional girl’s best friend, the diamond.

The extreme rarity of this gemstone and its endemic nature led geologists and jewelers to predict that the availability of newly mined Tanzanite will not be witnessed by the next generation. Only those who will buy it within the next fifteen to twenty years can claim to be the first owners of this magnificent jewel.

Guide to buy Large Hoop Earrings

Jewelry is women’s best friends. Women wear different kind of jewelry to look classy and elegant. Quite some time women stand out in the crowd due to the jewelry she is wearing. Wearing large hoop earrings is one the latest trends women follow. Earrings are available in various forms you get a variety from small studded diamonds to the large hoop earrings. Each woman has a different choice of earrings. Earrings which are matching to the outfit of the women add to the beauty of the women. Proper selection of large hoop earrings for women according to the outfit and facial features makes any ear piece an elegant piece. This makes women look classy and elegant. Hence, women needs to be careful while selecting the earrings she wears, it should be according to the occasion. Wrong or unmatched earring makes a mockery of women. Many women like hoop earrings; however, they need to be careful while selecting them. Here is a helpful guide which will help women to make a wise decision while buying hoop earrings. 

sophisticated extra large hoop earrings

The Style of the hoop

You need to choose a hoop earring which best suits the occasion you want to wear. If you are already aware where you want to wear the earrings, then you can select the same accordingly. However, in general the basic round or oval hoop earrings will match all your outfits. If you are looking for a long term investment, do not buy very fancy hoop earrings.

Sizes of the hoop earrings

Hoop earrings are available in variety of sizes. Earrings are very close to the face and hence one needs to select the size of the earrings according to their face size. It should be in proportion to the face. One can select earrings with a small hoop or large hoop. Tall women with a long face can go for extra large hoop earrings. Women who are short with a broad face should opt for small or medium sized hoop earrings.

unique pink diamond earrings


These hoop earrings for women are available in various varieties. One needs to choose as per the budget and personal choice. You can opt for a gold based hoop earrings or sterling silver large hoop earrings depending on your budget and personal choice. However, select the metal which best suits your skin. Diamond hoop earrings are also one of the latest trends. Small pink diamond earrings are one of the women’s favorite.


When you are investing in hoop earrings, always go in for quality. Cheap quality or bad quality earrings might affect your skin and ears as they might be too heavy or cause some infection to your skin. Do not compromise on the quality of the earrings.

large hoop earrings for women with beads


These hoop earrings are available in variety of colors. Choose a color which best suits your outfit. You need to also have a personal choice here; you can invest in warm colors that is yellow gold or rose gold or you can buy earrings in cool color like silver , platinum or white gold. Your skin type will also be one of the factors for you to choose a color for you hoop earrings.

Consider your lifestyle

While selecting your hoop earrings, do not forget to consider your lifestyle. If you are an adventurous person, who will go for a bike ride early in the morning then a simple style hoop earring is suitable for you. For office you can select a hoop earring which is about 1.5 inches in diameter. Hoop earrings with diamond studded in them will give a classy and an elegant look.

elegant large hoop earrings

Check your wardrobe

Before buying any hoop earrings, always check your wardrobe for the various sizes and types of earrings you already have. If you have a good collection of studs then you can probably try out the hoop earrings for a change. Start with buying small or medium hoop earrings. Avoid very big hoop earrings if you are a starter in wearing hoop earrings. If you already have a significant collection of small and large hoop earrings then this is the time to invest in extra large earrings to give yourself a different look.


Lastly, always look for your comfort. Make sure the earrings you buy are comfortable for you. They should not be bulky and the metal used should not be such that you are allergic off.

Look Elegant and Sassy in your Big Hoop Earrings

Big hoop earrings are versatile accessories, which will go well with any of outfit. You can wear them when you want to look elegant or playful. They are a jewelry staple that you can wear day or night. Big hoop earrings for women come in a variety of sizes. If you are intend to get your first pair or you want to add some classic pieces to collection, there are some important factors to keep in mind.

Fashion Tips for Hoop Earrings

Here are some tips to help you find the best pair and make a statement:

big crystal hoop earrings

  • Style

Find big hoop earrings that complement your face. The shape of your face will determine the most suitable style for you. Your facial features should also be factored in when you are selecting a style for your pink diamond earrings. Thinner hoops will look great if you have small facial features. If your facial features are larger, find thicker hoops. An oval pair is suitable for a round or wide face. Get a round pair if you have an angular face. The round shape will help to soften your jawline.

  • Metal

    Different varieties of metals are used to make hoop earrings. You can select a classic metal like silver or gold. These metals will complement any item in your wardrobe. You can pair gold big hoop earrings with a stylish outfit. If you want to make big hoop earrings a part of your daily fashion, buy real silver and gold because they are more durable and will withstand the wear and tear. If you prefer a more elegant look, get a pair with diamond embellishments. This will come in handy when you want to dress up. Your skin, eye and hair color will also determine the kind of metal you select. These accessories are worn next to the face therefore they should complement your color. Warm tone complexions look great in gold accessories. If your skin tone is cooler, get a silver pair.

big sophisticated hoop earrings for women

  • Lifestyle

Your lifestyle influences the choice of accessories you wear during the day or night. Get cheap big hoop earrings that suit your lifestyle. You can wear them during fun occasions. If you prefer a casual look, a pair with a few embellishments is a good choice. This will make you seem laid-back. For formal occasions, find something with some diamond accents. If you like going out on the weekend, find an extra large pair to complement your party outfits. The secret is to find earrings that you will want to wear frequently. It makes no sense to purchase a pair that you only wear once in a while.

  • Wardrobe

    A wardrobe full of designer outfits is not complete without a pair of big earrings. Your wardrobe is a great guide when you want to buy accessories. Look through your wardrobe and identify outfits that would look great with your large earrings. If your wardrobe has several tailored suits, you can get a few pair in gold.

exquisite gold big hoop earrings

  • Make a statement

    Once you find the perfect pair, you need to wear them well to make a statement with your accessories. The earrings should be the most visible feature on your look. Do not wear other large accessories like necklaces. Pair them with subtle outfits, which have small patterns if any. Wear them with your plain t-shirts to add some excitement to them. These accessories tend to be elegant therefore they can brighten up any plain outfit with little effort.

most elegant pink diamond earrings

  • Make up

    Classy makeup goes well with large accessories. The accessories are already drawing attention therefore you do not need a lot of makeup. This does not necessarily mean that the makeup should be minimal. It is advisable to avoid bright makeup colors and go for a simple look. Smokey eyes and pale lips look great with the large accessories. You can also use a bright lipstick color and limit your eye makeup.

Final Tips

Apart from those given above, your hairstyle and accessories should also be given fair attention. Simple hairstyles look great with big hoop earrings. You do not need to overdo your hair in order to make an effort when you wear these accessories. Let your hair down or wear it up in a simple style to look elegant. The accessories are supposed to draw the most attention when you step out.

Wedding Earrings

A wedding is one of the most important days in your life. It is the day when you invite your friends and family to celebrate the culmination of your romance. It is the day when you stand next to the love of your life and pledge your undying affection for each other. It is your very own fairy tale. 

On that special day, everything needs to be perfect – especially the ear rings. By virtue of being where they are worn, earrings stand out. And they leave a permanent mark on the wedding in the minds of all you meet and in every up-close photo or video recording. Pick the right pair of earrings and you will look as glorious as an empress on your wedding day. Pick the wrong pair of your earrings and you will hate even having to look at your wedding pictures or video footage.

wedding bridal earrings

But, how do you select the perfect pair of wedding earrings? Well, there are three criteria that can help. First, they have to blend perfectly with the shape of your head and face. Second, they have to fuse seamlessly with the colour scheme of your wedding attire. Third, they have to be cute, attractive and unique. 

So, where can you find such wedding rings? Well, there is a delightful collection of magnificent earrings you can choose from. Let’s explore some of the earrings that can be perfect for your wedding.

sophisticated pearl wedding earrings

Pink diamond earrings

The diamond was famously described as “girl’s best friend”, and the color pink is often associated with femininity. The pink diamond earrings are one of the rarest and most precious jewels on the planet. Therefore, these earrings are a fusion of preciousness with femininity. They are a perfect choice for your wedding because:

  • They come in a variety of shapes and sizes

  • They have gorgeous designs

  • They designed to blend well with most bridal dresses and wedding attire

  • They communicate class, elegance and taste

elegant vintage wedding earrings

Pearl wedding earrings

A pearl is perhaps one of the most sought after treasures of all time. The very mention of the word evokes mystery, elegance and preciousness. A pearl earring is perhaps one of the most beautiful you will ever see. You want pearl wedding earrings because

  • There is an array of exquisite designs to choose from

  • Some are laced with precious metals and gemstones

  • There are specific designs for bride, bridesmaids and flower-girls

  • They evoke mystery, preciousness and romance

Chandelier wedding earrings

The chandelier design is perhaps the most famous earring design in the world. Designed to look like mini-chandeliers, they are long, gorgeous and ultra-glamorous. It is no wonder that celebrities like Beyonce and Nicole Kidman are rarely seen without them. They have a royal appeal too – Kate Middleton wore a pair on her wedding to Prince William. If that is not reason enough for you to opt for chandelier wedding earrings, here are more:

  • There are many gorgeous and exotic designs to choose from

  • There are a variety of price ranges 

  • There are made from different materials (precious metals, ivory, crystals, gemstones). This makes them perfect for people who are allergic to certain materials.

  • They communicate taste, royalty and opulence

cute pink diamond earrings

Vintage wedding earrings

Earrings have graced weddings for thousands of years. In the process, there are certain designs that have become classics. This is what is in the vintage collection. This collection also includes the best designs from indigenous collectors all over the world. They are perfect for those who want to give their wedding an exotic feel either for adventure or to reflect the indigenous cultures they hail from. The vintage collection includes both classical earrings and vintage wedding earrings from indigenous China, Africa, Samoan Islands and India. You want vintage earrings because

  • There’s a multitude of exciting designs to chose from

  • They are exotic, unique and picturesque

  • There are a number of themes to from which to select

  • They communicate heritage, taste and style

Therefore, whatever your specific needs are, there is the perfect pair of earrings for you. There are earrings for all categories of people at the wedding from the bride to the maids, matron and flower-girls. There are exquisite designs which blend perfectly with every face type and wedding dress design. Most of the earrings have matching jewelry such as rings, necklaces and bangles. Therefore, you have an opportunity to truly sparkle on your wedding day, and cherish the memories for the rest of your life.