Get the Right Loose Diamonds for Earrings

Loose diamonds are renowned for their shine and magnificence. A variety of them have been discovered over the years and you can get them in their raw state and have them cut and valued. Diamonds are available in a variety of sizes, colors, shapes, and quality. All these factors determine the loose diamond prices. Decide how much you are willing to spend on the diamond and the specific features you want. You can buy them for earrings to make a statement. Getting loose diamonds that are separate from the earrings will save you a lot of money. Here is some valuable information to use when you purchasing diamonds.

Grain and loose diamonds


You need to think about shape when choosing loose diamonds. Choose your favorite shape to complement your taste. If you are buying a gift, ask the person about their preferences to avoid disappointment. An individual’s personality can also determine the most suitable shape when purchasing a diamond. Round is one of the most popular shapes. It is important to note that a round cut will be more expensive compared to other shapes. However, it is possible to get cheap loose diamonds. You can find some elaborate shapes like trillian, radiant, princess and marquise, which tend to be cheaper.


If you are buying pink diamond earrings, you should consider the weight of the stone. The size of the stone you get will depend on your preferences. Some people like small quality loose diamonds while others prefer large ones. A bigger stone does not signify better quality. Smaller stones tend to look more stylish compared to large ones. Stones that weight less than 0.5 carats are considered small while those that weight over 1.5 carats are considered big. Find a size that suits the earrings you want to purchase. The stone should complement the metal instead of overwhelming it.

Special pink diamond earrings


A diamond’s appearance is determined by its cut. If a stone is not well cut, it will look dull. Well cut stones tend to be radiant and twinkle. Get loose diamonds gia certified for a well cut stone. If you want a round shape, select stones from the Very Good grade. For the elaborate shapes, you get stones from the Good grade. A limited budget can still get you a good stone from the Fair-Good grade. This is an appropriate choice if you are buying a stone in one of the elaborate shapes.

Small and cheap loose diamonds


It is difficult to determine a stone’s color once it is placed on an earring. Buying the stone separate from the piece of jewelry gives you the chance to select the best color. Larger stones tend to make it easier to identify the color. If you are looking for a stone that will create a statement once it is set on a pair of earrings, get a larger size. Select the best cut instead of focusing on the color. A great cut will help to bring out the color on the stone. If you want the color to be noticeable, select a round stone or elaborate shape such as princess. A stone with a yellow setting will work well if your budget is limited. This bright color will complement the any stone. A GIA certified color scheme will help you make the right choice when shopping for a stone.


Focus on the stone clarity if you want a perfect diamond. Find diamonds in the VS1-VS2 range to avoid imperfections. These stones tend to seem flawless to any observer and they cost less than genuine flawless diamonds. You can also select a stone from the SI1 collection, which can include some flaws but they are not visible to casual observers. This option is good if you select a stone that has a high quality color and cut. The combination makes the stone look radiant even with a few imperfections. They will only be visible if the stone is closely examined, which does not occur often. Well cut stones tend to hide the imperfections better. Some of the cut you can select include pear, round, oval, cushion, princess and marquise.

About loose diamonds gia certified


Find a reliable and certified seller when you purchase loose diamonds. This will ensure you get quality stones. GIA certifications guarantee quality therefore you should not compromise to get lower loose diamonds prices.

Loose diamonds are great investments as these gems have higher value as time goes by. You can have it embedded on silver and gold later on and make fine jewelry. You can also have it as heirloom to the next generation or as a gift to someone you dearly love.