The Exquisite Appeal of Tanzanite Earrings

The exquisite beauty of Tanzanite earrings enhances the natural elegance, class and beauty of any woman. They are fine pieces of jewelry that offer a unique versatility no other gem can offer. One can say that a woman wears her absolute best when she wears such an earring; it brings out confidence and grace in whoever is wearing it.

These adorable earrings can easily compliment any outfit or hairstyle. There are so many earrings made of diamond and Tanzanite – such as sterling silver Tanzanite earrings – one can choose to wear with any evening gown. One can also choose from various shapes and cuts, such as pear-shaped, round, oval, or emerald cuts.

sophisticated tanzanite earrings

Tanzanite: A Symbol of Royal Beauty

Tanzanite earrings have a luminescent blue coloration, which evokes an aura of class and royalty. It is a precious stone worthy of any Queen or princess. Its brilliant color accentuates and complements a diamond’s beauty, creating a stunning and exhilarating look that evades logic and evokes the highest admiration and awe.

It is easy to fall in love and become spellbound with this gem. It enhances almost any jewelry that it is combined with; creating a synergistic effect that brings out more of the beauty of its owner.

stunning sterling silver tanzanite earrings

Tanzanite Jewelry as a Gift

A Tanzanite accessory, such as blue Tanzanite earrings, is the perfect gift for any occasion. It is the perfect way to express one’s feelings of love and respect for a woman. It is a rare opportunity to show a loved one how beloved and important she is.

When one gives Tanzanite to a woman, it conveys how special she is, and communicates how her beauty knows no limits. The giver does not spare any cost for it. It is a luxury worthy of gracing her wonderful figure for a lifetime.

A Tanzanite gift tells a lady that her beauty is perfect, and that the best jewelry in the world can only serve to enhance that beauty but never equal it.

Tanzanite Earrings in Jewelry Sets for Any Season

For women, a good jewelry set combination creates a classy look. Matching necklaces, rings and earrings such as pink diamond earrings can be worn based on an individual’s unique taste or patterned from a proven combination.

Tanzanite can be part of a good jewelry set in any season. It can match any style. During the warm months, the stones can be organized as a motif of flowers. This motif is also useful to make winter months warmer.

elegant tanzanite earrings yellow gold

During the snowy months, angular pieces are ideal to elicit the thought of snowflakes and a white Christmas. Such a motif is also appealing during the warmer months as a fond reminder of snowy seasons and cooler times.

The Rarity and Uniqueness of Tanzanite

Tanzanite is a truly beautiful and rare gem. It can only be found in one location: in Mount Kilimanjaro’s foothills. Tanzanite earrings yellow gold in color as well as every other Tanzanite owes their existence to this area.

Tanzanite is phenomenally unique. According to African legend, the land where Tanzanite can be found was once set on fire by a lightning bolt. This blue fire transformed the area’s crystals into the blue-violet gems that we know of today.

The discovery of Tanzanite was very recent. The 1960s saw it emerge as a new gemstone offering exciting potential. The landscapes of its original home are as beautifully exquisite as Tanzanite itself.

rare pink diamond earrings

And compared to diamonds which can be found in many parts of the world, Tanzanite is a thousand times scarcer, since it is only found in Kilimanjaro. That makes it all the more precious, alluring and rare. It comes as no surprise then that its position in the geological hierarchy or precious stones is very important.

The color spectrum exhibited by Tanzanite encompasses the range of purple blue to blue violet, with its deepest hue commanding the highest price in the market. No wonder tanzanite earrings are sometimes considered more valuable than the traditional girl’s best friend, the diamond.

The extreme rarity of this gemstone and its endemic nature led geologists and jewelers to predict that the availability of newly mined Tanzanite will not be witnessed by the next generation. Only those who will buy it within the next fifteen to twenty years can claim to be the first owners of this magnificent jewel.