Tips for Wearing Cheap Diamond Rings

Cheap diamond rings can greatly change how you look and transform you whole attire into something elegant. They are quite elegant and always associated with high class fashion. By having the shiny stone on your finger, you complete your outfit. Anyone can get these cheap rings and include them in their jewelry collection. Since they are not so expensive, you can get more than one ring so that you can change them from time to time.

How to Buy Cheap Diamond Rings

The first thing you need to do is choose the right diamond ring for you. There are many online sites that sell these rings. You should check for one that sells quality cheap diamond rings online. Always remember that the jewelry you get is as good as the jeweler. So be careful as you are picking someone to get buy rings from. You can go over the selection they have in their catalogue and check whether they are close to what you are looking for.

genuine and pretty cheap diamond rings

When you are buying cheap diamond rings for women do not forget to consider the size. Many people pay a lot of attention to the stone and the carats forgetting the size of the ring. If possible, you should get accurate measurements of your finger beforehand. This will assist you in ordering the exact size so that you do not have to spend extra money on adjustments.

You will also have to choose the metal that your diamond is mounted on. There are a variety of metals used for these rings with gold and silver being quite popular. However, for those with extremely sensitive skin, the best option might be platinum. It is still beautiful but does not have an effect on your skin. After picking the right ring, you have to think about wearing it fashionably.

international pink diamond earrings

Fashion Rules for wearing Cheap Diamond Rings

Match the diamond ring with other jewelry items you are wearing. This will help create harmony in your outfit. For example, you can pair up your ring with beautiful pink diamond earrings. If both have been mounted on the same kind of metal, they will look quite pretty together. If you can get earrings that feature the same cut as the one on your ring, then it will be an even better match.

However, you should be careful about wearing too much jewelry that will take the attention from the ring. So always keep the amount of other accessories to a minimum.

genuine and cheap diamond rings for women

Wear more than one ring at once. Do not wear them on different fingers since this will look a little bit too much. It is better to stack them on one finger and magnify the diamond effect. This is a great way to show off all your beautiful diamond rings and bring out an entirely new look. However, if you have to wear other larger rings such as cocktails ones, you might want to wear them on another hand. This will prevent them from overwhelming the diamond.

Consider getting a proper manicure. You have to keep in mind that when you are wearing cheap diamond wedding rings a lot of attention will be drawn to your hands. Therefore, you have to ensure that your fingers are just as elegant as the stunning stone you are wearing. However, you should avoid overdoing it in a manner that you drown the diamond. Avoid using very colorful nail polish since this will be too strong and distract others from the diamond. It is safe to go with a French manicure that is elegant but does not draw any attention from the diamond ring.

cheap couples matching diamond wedding rings

Wear with a matching dress. What you are wearing with your cheap diamond rings will play a big role in determining how the entire look comes out. The best thing about diamond is that it can work well with both casual and evening wear. You can even wear your ring to the office since it works well with official attire.

In order to stay fashionable when wearing cheap diamond rings, always ensure that everything looks natural. After you have finished dressing up, look at the mirror and ensure that it is working properly. You are always free to experiment with other styles and come up with one that suits you well.

Diamond Solitaire Rings

It might prove challenging to make the right choice while buying diamond solitaire rings. This is mainly because they come in different shapes size and quality. Therefore, it is vital to have the right knowledge regarding diamond rings before you get into your pocket. People who have been dealing with these rings for some time may have very useful information. However, it may not be an easy thing to come across such a person who can give a bit of guidance before you choose to buy one. This therefore invites you to focus on some very basic details as outlined below.

round cheap diamond solitaire rings

Things to Consider When buying Diamond Rings

  • Quality

It is mandatory to look at the right quality especially while choosing to buy pink diamond earrings. Note that Different ring makers will have different types of rings. You should make sure you buy rings that can ensure the polish remains intact for a long time. Some will tarnish just after some short time, something that turns embarrassing not forgetting the loss made within the short time. Therefore, do not rush, just select wisely while also making consultations so as to get the right quality that will lead to satisfaction of your specific needs.

  • Cost

For someone opting to cut extra costs and get the best at the same time, you need to make visits to different stores so as to have an easy time making price comparisons based on the type you would like to buy. Going online can help you get critical information that can lead you to places you can get cheap diamond solitaire rings. Such online visits will guide you to make informed choices that will allow you to have your need catered for and at the same time you will have to save some money in the go.

royal pink diamond earrings

  • Shape and size

Diamond solitaire rings come in different sizes and shape not forgetting color. Mens diamond solitaire rings should be compatible with both casual and formal outfit. Mostly, the bigger the size of diamond in your ring the more eye-catching it looks. It is pretty to have a sparkling look especially if the ring is meant for an important occasion such as wedding. Some shapes will be more preferable as they signify certain feelings or moods, for instance, Heart shaped rings will bring the effect of signifying romantic moments and thus the best in such situations.

princess cut diamond solitaire rings

  • Color

Though we have various colors of diamond solitaire rings, it is quite impressive to have black diamond solitaire rings. Think about the different colors available and the way they may impact on your style. You will get to know that considerations based on color are the key while trying to make some choices. White is especially stunning when used for purposes such as weddings, it fits correctly to the occasion. Other colors also available are blue and yellow. However, it depends with the setting of the event and your preference also takes a major part in ensuring you get the best.

  • Weight of material

Most people will prefer light weighing materials for their rings, men unlike women would especially go for light rings. This factor is important as you have to wear what you feel comfortable with. You will not be in the odd end as you pursue your endeavors. Choose what you think weighs according to your preference. Do not let someone suggest something you would end up having complains wearing. To avoid poor selection, get to the various stores where you can get some assistance from people with a bit of information regarding diamond rings. Explain your needs and you will actually get guided on the best thing to do while looking for your best.

large mens diamond solitaire rings

  • Comfort

Also make sure the ring you select does not seem so small to fit you. Choosing the wrong size may lead to injuries and therefore interfere with your comfort and desire to have the best moment. You can also dwell on recommendations from friends and neighbors regarding the best place to get a ring that fits you well. This is so important because at some shops you will not have good time to get the necessary information concerning the finest choice to fit you comfortably.

With these few factors in mind, you will be at your best while trying to make choice for a good diamond ring.

The Groom’s Ultimate Guide to Finding the Flawless Diamond Wedding Rings

Diamond wedding rings are among the most significant piece of jewelry every bride will ever dream of receiving, as she begins one of the most important milestones of her life. It is a timeless piece of jewelry your bride will cherish for the rest of her life, signifying your love and commitment to her.

Diamonds are the most durable and the most popular piece of exquisite gem used in most engagement and wedding rings, the most popular being the traditional white diamond solitaire ring. However, couples are now looking for wedding rings that are unique, trendy and fashionable, distinctly reflecting their emotions and personality. Thus, colored diamond wedding rings have also become popular, as it bespoke various symbolisms.

expensive diamond wedding rings for women

Symbolisms of Diamond Colors 

The rarest and the most illustrious among all the precious stones are the pink diamonds. Its rarity and limited supply make pink diamonds the most expensive of all the gemstones. Pink diamond wedding rings are the best way to express your lasting love to your bride. It signifies that your love for your bride will remain always fresh every single moment of your life together. Pink diamonds are also said to promote creative expression— that presenting your bride with a matching pair of pink diamond earrings will convey of your high regard for her feminine creativity and romantic love.

But what if you wanted to convey that your love for your bride is eternal and timeless? The perfect way to convey that message is to present your bride with lovely black diamond wedding rings because these types of diamonds are the hardest and indestructible. People from all over the world have been fascinated by black diamonds, not only because of its mystic charm, but also because it exudes elegance and splendor, which make these diamonds a popular choice among jewelry makers.

large teardrop pink diamond earrings

Presenting your bride with blue diamond wedding rings will convey how much value you put into your relationship. It also signifies peace and good health which will save you from misunderstandings and unnecessary ego fights in your relationship; bringing serenity and peace in your married life. As blue diamonds are among the rarest, it is also among the most expensive piece of gem, making it synonymous with opulence and character beyond ordinary.

Knowing the Four C’s of Diamonds

Now that you have become familiar with the symbolisms of some of the illustrious types of diamond, the next step is to know how to identify the perfect diamond for you and your bride’s diamond wedding rings. When choosing a diamond, you must be aware of the “Four C’s”, which will be described in the succeeding paragraphs.

  • Carat. Most people associate carat with the diameter of the diamond. Although it is a good indicator, carat is actually the weight of the diamond, so that the more the diamond weighs, the larger will be the size. Most diamond wedding rings are 1 carat which is equivalent to 100 points or 200 milligrams, and as the carat goes up, so will be the price. Bear in mind however to consider the size of your bride’s hand, as the diamond will appear larger when worn by a person with tiny hands.
  • Color. The color of the diamonds is graded according to the amount of color present or absent in the diamond. Colors are graded from D, wherein the best quality are those graded within the F and H. However, this type of grading applies only to the white diamonds. 

elegant blue diamond wedding rings

  • Clarity. During the formation of diamonds, there could be some natural pressures of nature affecting the diamond in the form of bubbles, cracks or other blemishes that affect the diamond’s clarity. There are two areas in grading the diamond’s clarity—inclusion and blemish. Inclusion refers to an internal flow while blemish refers to a surface flow; wherein the lesser the inclusion or blemish, the more expensive the diamond will be.

elegant black diamond wedding rings

  • Cut. The type of cut affects how the diamonds sparkle. A high-quality diamond wedding ring contains a perfectly-cut diamond, wherein the cut that sparkle the most are the round ones. Experts believe that cut is the most important quality of a diamond as any diamond poorly cut will be reduced of its brilliance and fire.

Finally, settle on your budget. There is a traditional belief that a man should spend at least the equivalent of his two months’ salary for his bride’s wedding ring. Whether you conform to the tradition or not, is exactly dependent on you. You may even buy something more expensive, but regardless, it is best to choose a diamond wedding ring that you can afford. You may want to consult an expert jeweler so you can find variety of options that will guide you in your decision.

Why Antique Diamond Rings are the New Trend

The history of antique diamond rings is very colorful and this makes them unique jewels. These rings are not a common breed of stone commodities and precious metals. Hence, they are only available in exclusive places. Many people consider precious things that have been in existence for many years valuable family heirlooms. They can pass these unique jewelries from one generation to the next. If famous people and celebrities formerly owned these jewelries, this greatly enhances their value. Couples that are considering investing in these types of rings usually want to honor and appreciate the past and the intrinsic high value that genuine antique jewelries may have.

Nowadays, antique style diamond rings are some of the hottest trends that the jewelry industry boasts of. Your fiancé would love to wear an antique ring in order to match it with her pink diamond earrings if the timeless beauty and elegance of antique items please her. Unlike channel set, pave diamond and gemstone rings, antique style rings will always be in fashion.

antique diamond unity engagement rings

The Significance of Antique Rings

When these rings are purchased for wedding purposes, they signify reverence, innocence, and romance. When it comes to wedding rings, they are nowadays the most popular choices. These rings personify history and character, which help in setting them apart from any other modern design. Hence, you should ensure that they are professionally appraised before purchasing them as engagement or wedding rings.

Unique and Valuable

Why is an antique ring unique and valuable? The following are some reasons that have made antique rings suddenly popular among couples in all parts of the world.

antique European cut diamond rings

  • Long lasting beauty – Antique means a certain piece should be around for at least fifty years. As compared to other ordinary rings, the creation of an antique ring is done by using remarkable artisanship. This gives them their priceless beauty that lasts for a lifetime.

  • Historically romantic – All the details of an antique ring are a representation of a period in history. Antique rings are a representation of memorable events when human civilization was developing because they are recycled from vintage trends and styles.

  • Stylish and timeless – Antique rings are famous for having a timeless appeal and for being stylish. They reflect a part of history that people cannot forget. Wearing antique diamond engagement rings is like walking down the memory lane where these rings have been passed from generation to the next. As compared to modern ones, the creation of antique diamond rings is done by using better artisanship.

antique style diamond engagement rings

  • Resourceful and eco-friendly– Unlike modern rings, antique diamond rings are also a robust choice for environment friendly people because they have been in existence for many years. They are a representation of the resurrection of the new and the old as well as the birth of unique styles that have captured the hearts of millions of women and men across time.

  • Art Deco, Edwardian and Victorian antique rings are different from plain and intricately designed rings. Antique rings that were made during the Victorian era are a demonstration of pure artisanship because of their charming diamond rows and pearl accents.

rectangle dangling pink diamond earrings

The creation of rings during the Edwardian era was done by using high quality materials such as platinum or white gold that were embellished by using lacy designs. Finally, since the Art Deco period had ornate designs of flowers and leaves, diamond center-stones and sapphire as well as other insightful designs, it remains distinct.

Buy Mens Antique Diamond Rings

The purchase of these rings for engagement or wedding purposes or for satisfying yourself is an investment. These rings, which many people consider nature’s perfect gemstones, can be rare and priceless especially if their content is high grade and high quality diamonds. If you want to buy one, you should first consider the 4Cs (carat clarity, cut and color)that a diamond has. The first step to knowing if you can possess such a ring is to know the elements that help in revealing how rare and truly valuable a diamond is.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Blue Diamond Rings

Blue diamond rings are a beautiful addition to any jewelry collection. They are precious due to the rare nature of blue diamonds. The selection of the most appropriate rings is difficult for many people due to their limited knowledge about what to consider in the process. The following are useful tips to help in the selection.

Shape of ring 

The shape is determined by the age, occasion and preference of the wearer. Accent shaped blue diamond engagement rings are an ideal selection for anniversaries, birthdays and graduations. They are popular due to their use for both formal and causal occasions.

best natural blue diamond rings

Oval diamond rings enhance the sophistication and elegance of the wearers making them perfect for wedding anniversaries. Teardrop diamond rings are ideal gifts for the young especially on graduations and birthdays. Their shape allows the wearer to get a lot of attention from owning them, and can be worn on every occasion.

Value of the Diamond

There are several factors that determine the value of diamond in a ring. It is therefore important for buyers to get acquainted with the factors so that they make informed purchases. These are color, clarity, cut and carat (weight of the diamond). Understanding these factors ensures that a buyer get value for money and are not fleeced by unscrupulous jewelers. It is widely known that the more colorless a diamond is the more valuable it is. The selection of blue diamond rings should be made with this in mind. The color of diamond is the most important factor because an increase in color grade results to a significant price rise.

dark blue diamond engagement ring

There are several colors that can be used to make diamonds jewelry apart from blue. It is possible to find red, green, yellow and pink diamond earrings, bracelets or rings. While it can be difficult for buyers to identify imperfections on natural blue diamond rings because they cannot be seen by the naked eyes, jewelers can easily identify them. It is, therefore, important to ask about the clarity level, and shop at reputable outlets only. Diamond cut is a design or style guide that is used during the process of shaping a diamond before polishing but does not refer to its shape. Cut, therefore, refers to its polish, proportioning and symmetry of a piece of diamond, and its overall effects on its luminosity and brilliance. Blue diamond carat is its size. This affects its value significantly because value increases as the stone gets larger.

Budget during selection

dark pink diamond earrings

The valuable nature of blue diamonds makes it one of the most expensive jewelry pieces in the market. It is the desire of many shoppers to get cheap diamond rings so that they can benefit from the beauty of diamonds while spending as little as possible.It is important for shoppers to budget their purchases before they start their search for diamond rings to spend comfortably, and without regrets. Diamond rings can easily captivate the imagination of many buyers making them anxious and spend beyond their means. This can be avoided by shopping online where a comparison of blue diamond rings offered by numerous stores can result to significant savings.

Style of the wearer 

elegant blue diamond rings

Here are numerous styles of natural cheap blue diamond rings. It is, therefore, necessary to understand the style preference of the wearer during the selection so that the ring can be appreciated and worn frequently. This presents a special challenge when selecting the ring as a gift item but it can be simplified by taking a look at the type of jewelry worn by the person. It can also be determined by taking a look at their wardrobe and asking for suggestions from their close friends and family members.

The selection of blue diamond rings does not have to be a complicated process because it only requires the buyer to get acquainted with the factors mentioned above. It is also important to buy rings from stores that do not sell blood diamond in order to reduce or stop violence in several countries where the gem is mined. Care is also necessary due to the introduction of man-made diamonds, which are not easily distinguished from natural diamonds. It is, therefore, important to ask about them from the store and only buy from reliable and reputable sources.

Popularity of Princess Cut Diamond Rings

Men from all parts of the world have been finding it extremely difficult to raise enough funds for buying the precious princess cut diamond rings for the special women in their lives ever since Archduke Maximillian gave his special woman a diamond ring for engagement purposes in the 1400’s. You manage to get your fiancé before marrying her and then living happily ever after with her if everything proceeds in accordance with your plans. However, you will be disappointed and you will be left with an extremely expensive and stunning diamond ring if things do not go as you had planned. Men who are sure about the answer that they will get from their women should find out more about these rings while those who are not sure should hold off on their proposals or even think of proposing to them without a ring.

cute princess cut diamond rings

Why princess cut diamond rings are the best alternative to round brilliant rings

Most men propose only after planning carefully. Your woman can say yes if you look carefully for your stones, find out the size of her ring, feel her mood, and plan your budget when you want to buy the ring. If you are looking for the most brilliant ring that you can find in the market but your budget is tight, princess cut diamond engagement rings provide the perfect solution.

Why princess cut diamond rings are popular

Nowadays, everyone is paying a lot of attention to these rings because their popularity is growing. Unlike the traditional round cut, this specific cut shape for the diamonds is unique and very new. It is perfect for all the couples that want their style statement to be different on their engagement.

In addition, the princess cut shows how versatile diamonds are because they can be made into numerous brilliant shapes. Many other factors are responsible for making these rings popular in addition to their uniqueness.

real and pretty pink diamond earrings

The definition of princess cut rings

These rings have square shaped diamonds that have a flat top. In addition, since the cut has the ability to hold more crystal weight, it is more popular with diamond cutters.

Diamond cutters use the brilliant cut and step cut to make the princess cut diamond. Apart from that, various designs produce a step cut by running along the width or length of the diamond. The brilliant cut imparts numerous facets to the stone because its shape is usually triangular.

The benefits of the cut

  • The cut also helps in the reflection of clarity and color by the diamond.

  • It makes the creation and polishing of these rings much easier.

  • Its sharp corners that have prongs help in protecting against all kinds of damage.

  • Its shape helps to hide any imperfections.

  • The sharp corners that this cut has allow diamond cutters to fit several smaller diamonds to it and in effect, they produce the entire ring that has side stones.

  • As compared to a round cut diamond, this cut is cheaper and hence, this makes the whole engagement ring cheaper.

The Popular Princess Cut Diamond Rings

The most important factors that are behind the popularity of princess cut diamond rings:

genuine princess cut diamond wedding rings


Variety spices up life. These rings are available in various styles. The pink princess cut diamond engagement rings are among the most popular varieties. Other popular varieties include the two carat and one carat princess cut diamond wedding rings.


Many women crave for these rings because they want to match them with their pink diamond earrings since their style is unbeatable. In addition, they are available in a multitude of design options because of their customizable shape. The style of the halo design where smaller diamonds are used for framing the center stone of the ring to its overall top is high nowadays. There are endless possibilities of style ranging from classic vintage, three stone rings to side stone designs.

• Price

elegant princess cut diamond engagement rings

The design as well as other factors largely determine how much princess cut rings cost. However, the best thing about these rings is that you can shape them in all kinds of designs that you want without incurring high costs. These stones are different from perfect diamonds because they are inexpensive yet brilliant since they are susceptible to discoloration and hidden flaws.

Depending on how much the stones are worth, these rings can become more expensive when side stones are added.

• Availability

These rings are available in jewelry or top designer diamond stores. You can also find many options online on eBay.

Finding the right diamond ring takes a lot of careful thought and planning. There are certain factors to consider when buying the right cut. Most importantly the giver of the ring should spend ample time in researching what fits most to the personality and preferences of the recipient.

Diamond Eternity Rings

Eternity rings are a beautiful way to display your love and affection for your loved one and are perfect for almost any occasion. Eternity rings have been around for decades and have been used as a symbol of unity and eternal love. They have stones that surround the entire ring making it so beautiful. Whereas eternal rings come with different materials like gold, silver or platinum, diamond eternal rings are by far the most beautiful eternity rings out there. The beauty of diamond eternal rings is that they can be presented for almost any special occasion. They are the ideal gifts for anniversaries and are very durable making them last for decades.

floating diamond eternity rings white gold

Which occasions are ideal for diamond eternity rings?

They are ideal for just any meaningful or special occasion in one’s life. Since they are anniversary rings, what comes to mind in the first place are anniversaries. It is the perfect gift to give your partner on the third, fifth or seventh wedding anniversary as a sign of eternal love. They can also be presented as gifts to celebrate the birth of a new child or the adoption of a child. Because of their beauty and simplicity, they have also gained importance as birthday gifts, Christmas gifts as well as Valentine’s Day gifts. They are also ideal for use as wedding rings for couples seeking to move away from the ordinary wedding rings and looking for a little more sparkle on their big day.

Designs of Diamond Eternity Rings

Diamond eternity rings for women come in two basic designs namely the full eternity rings and half eternity rings. Full diamond eternity rings come with diamonds all-round the ring. This design is not only more beautiful but more costly as well. The half diamond eternity ring is slightly more affordable but come with stones only on the upper half of the ring. This design is equally beautiful and a more practical option as it is only the upper half that shows when a diamond ring is worn. The choice of design will normally depend on your budget as well as personal preference as some women may prefer half diamond rings over full rings because of the smooth feel of the metal band on the bottom half of the ring.

diamond eternity rings for women

Metal Variations of Diamond Eternity Rings

Diamond eternities are sold in three major variations namely 18kt white gold, 18k platinum and yellow gold. They can also be available in a combination of white and yellow gold for a dual effect. People who prefer the silvery finish can opt for diamond eternity rings white gold or platinum though platinum diamond eternity rings are more expensive. The traditional yellow gold diamond eternity rings are easier to come by and come in a varied selection of styles to choose from. Black diamond eternity rings are also available and equally beautiful.

Buying Guide For Diamond Eternity Rings

There are certain things to consider when you go shopping for eternity rings. The most important factors to consider when shopping for diamond eternity rings include;

sophisticated and trendy pink diamond earrings

  • The size of the ring.

It is very important to get the perfect size of ring for your loved one as a loose ring can easily fall off and get lost. Equally, a ring that is too tight can cause a lot of discomfort and pain to the person wearing it. In extreme circumstances, it can also pose a health risk as it will restrict the flow of blood to the finger. Choosing the ring size may be difficult especially if a man does not know the size of her wife’s finger but one way to find out is by offering to help her clean her wedding ring, something your unsuspecting wife will easily relent to. You can also use online size charts to determine the ideal size of the ring.

  • Type of metal used.

Eternity rings are normally made from various metals like gold, silver, platinum, stainless steel and Titanium just to name a few. However, the most common choices available are white gold, yellow gold and platinum. Though each of these has its advantages and disadvantages, the choice entirely depends on you and your pockets.

elegant diamond eternity rings

  • The level of comfort.

Comfort features may sometimes be included on rings regardless of whether they have prongs or not. These metal band inserts are placed around the ring’s inside making them more comfortable and they help to eliminate marks left on the finger by the ring. They are ideal for rings going to be worn on a daily basis.

  • The clarity, cut, color and carat of the diamond.

When buying eternity rings, it is very important to consider the cut of the diamond as some cuts like the brilliant cut make the diamond appear brighter. Color is also important and diamond colors are graded on a scale from D to Z. the best are those between D and F. Clarity of the diamond is equally important and is measured on a scale from F to 13. Diamonds between F and VSI are usually better.

Regardless of the metal chosen, ring design and style, diamond eternity rings are very beautiful statement pieces that will give your finger shine and sparkle for decade to come. When matched with other accessories like pink diamond earrings, they’ll give you the true look of a princess.

Diamond Rings For Mens

It is not easy to choose mens black diamond rings especially when the ring is for a specific and special occasion like engagement or wedding. Rings are very popular among women’s. It has been seen from ancient history to present that women can become mad for jewelry. Moreover they can fight for it also. And if the jewelry is made of diamond, some people will go crazy even more. Some men are also equally into mens diamond rings.

But the things are changed now. Men are becoming more and more beauty conscious in present days. The trend in the creation of the men’s fairness creams and other vanity practices are clear indication that men are adapting to the notion that men also deserve the finest and best option too.

mens diamond rings solitaire

Modern Diamond Rings for Men

Diamond rings are generally worn by women’s in all ages. But from last century, they have come to men’s fashion and apparel. And after the ring exchange ceremony started happening in a wedding, men are wearing the mens diamond rings in their hand. Men are not only wearing the rings they started trying them for non-marriage purpose also. There are many men’s accessories embellished with real diamonds that are becoming more and more popular at modern times.

Diamond is an ancient stone. It is a very precious elegant and expensive jewel too. There have been many wars fought for diamond and gold in the past. It has become a heritage of many countries today. Many kings in past were known for the diamonds and gold they possessed.

genuine cheap mens diamond rings

There are modern types of diamonds that come cheaper and more accessible. Diamonds are synthesized artificially also. So it has become very important to know the quality and originality of the diamond you are purchasing. Follow the guidelines below while purchasing mens diamond rings.

How to Choose a Diamond Ring for Men

There are different types of diamond rings in the market like pink diamond earrings, cheap mens diamond rings , mens diamond rings designs, men synthesized artificial diamonds. You need to be very careful while choosing the diamond to buy.

There are five things one should consider when making a decision on any type of mens diamond rings. These four things are, the men’s lifestyle, the men’s personality, prices, design and whether or not the diamond ring will be comfortable on him. Knowing these four things is really essential when making a decision to purchase the perfect diamond ring.

  • Consider His Lifestyle First
    Considering lifestyle of the mens is important because it will assist to find out the base and durability of this ring, as well as if he can wear the diamond ring or not in future while he will engage in any kind of other activities or jobs along with his nature of work.

  • Style and Designs
    As far as designs goes, men’s rings are comparatively little bulky & thick although in todays market there are various stylish diamond rings that are slim & lightweight but manly.

  • The Choice In Property

Quality: It is very difficult to know the quality of the diamond. It is generally measured in the size. But it’s not true that the small diamonds don’t have good quality. The diamond quality is also measured in caret. It’s very important to know the caret value of the diamond.

elegant mens diamond rings designs

Cut: Diamond is known for its elegant cuts. The more good cut, more the better diamond. Always choose a diamond with good cuts.

Clarity: Clarity measures the diamond integrity with light. Diamond also acts as prison for the light. The more beautiful colors the more good diamond is.

  • Prices

Shop to purchase from: There is always vast majority of shops available for Mens diamond rings purchasing, local as well as online.

Always first thing to do is compare the prices of the both shops. Filter some according to your need. Verify the sources of the shops for quality and originality. And choose the best fit for your needs. It’s also wise to try mens amber rings as a gift.

Shopping For Mens Rings

stunning pink diamond earrings

Due to their ever-increasing popularity and demand in the market, the diamond engagement rings are now found in a big variety. If you go out in the jewelry market and have a tour in different shops of the market you will find different beautiful shapes and sizes of these rings. The most popular and admired designs and styles that you can get all across the world are heart-shaped, pear-shaped, oval shaped, trillion diamond ring, emerald cut, princess cut and lots more.

Looking and purchasing diamond rings for men doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Once you know what kind of style you want your ring to go with, & how durable you want your ring to be, then the rest is simply enjoying the shopping.

Black Diamond Rings

Do you know where black diamond rings came from? Carbonado, also known as black diamonds is the most solid of all diamonds. This material is used to make the most elegant black diamond earrings or rings you will ever see. This rarity can only be found in Central Africa and Brazil, mainly the latter. It baffles miners and scientists on how its origin came to be, but it is now one of the most expensive jewelry in the world.

Cubic black diamond rings

This holiday season, you may want to pick out black diamond rings for women as a gift to your special someone and pair them off with pink diamond earrings as well. All diamonds go together, and who said that diamonds are only for women? There are also available black diamond rings for men that are widely available in jewelry stores.

Facts about Diamonds

If you’ve decided to purchase a black diamond ring on your special occasion, here are a few known facts about black diamonds:

  • Black Diamonds in Italy are thought to represent reconciliation from misunderstandings and quarrels.
  • In India, it is believed that black diamonds are a sign of bad luck because they are attributed to a spider’s or snake’s eyes, therefore being cursed.
  • Black Diamonds are not sparkling like other diamonds but they make the most remarkable jewelry, especially as a ring as a symbol of love.
  • One of the most popular black diamonds called the Eye of Brahma, weighs 67.5 carats owned by two (2) Russian Princesses that is blamed to bring death to anyone who owns it.
  • Black diamonds are the most difficult to cut, so molding black diamond rings are the most exceptional pieces.

    Cute pink diamond earrings

Types of Diamond Cut

To find the right matches for your loved one, here are the three types of settings that can be applied to you black diamond ring:

  • Solitaire 

This is the most common technique of presenting a ring; a single stone is mounted on a silver or golden base with no stones around it.

  • Rings with side stones 

Setting stones around your diamond accompanies your ring as a wonderful set piece.

  • Three-Stone Rings

Each diamond ring represents the past, the present and the future, that’s why this setting is most popular for engagement and anniversary gifts.

The stones are usually mounted on a silver ring, even in gold and sometimes even in titanium to complement the dark color. Once you’ve already purchased your black colored diamond rings, you must also be able to know how to take care of them to preserve it in their most grandeur state.

Beautiful black diamond rings for women

Maintaining Diamond Jewelry

Here are a few tips on how to clean and conserve your black diamond rings by using practical and available resources at home:

  • Avoid mixing it with other diamonds so it doesn’t get scratched.
  • Use a toothpick. You may use a toothpick to reach those small spaces and crevices of your ring.
  • Liquor it Up. Pour vodka in a glass bowl, damp it in and rinse with clear water and soft cloth. This will help return the sparkle in your jewelry.
  • Simple Method. Combine soap and water in a bowl, carefully dip your black diamond ring there and then use running water to rinse it.

The thing about black diamonds is that due to its dark color, it naturally doesn’t sparkle as much as white diamonds therefore its normal wear and tear wouldn’t be so obvious as to wearing a light colored diamond. But of course, given its uncommonness, these types of jewelries are hard to come by but it doesn’t mean that they are not available. You can check out your local jewelry store or online stores for these pieces of beauty.

Handsome black diamond rings for men

If you want to give a piece of history to your special someone, having this type of jewelry is the best gift you can think of. You may find cheap black diamond rings, but the person who will receive it will definitely see it as irreplaceable. It will feel as though she or he will be wearing a historical memento filled with culture and stories spanning up to 3.5 billion years ago when it was first discovered. Its preservation making it as exceptional as it is today is one of the reasons why diamonds are truly the best gift you could ever give to your loved ones.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Diamond Ring Settings

Choosing diamond ring settings ensures that the ring selected suits the design and taste of the wearer. Proper settings also determine the overall feel and look of the ring. The following are the factors to consider when selecting the most appropriate settings for a diamond ring. With these factors you will be able to choose the best.

Pure diamond ring settings

The Use of the Ring

The type of setting to be selected should be determined by the purpose of the ring. If the ring is for personal use, it is advisable to match the stone to the settings and to ensure that the ring portrays personal style. If it is to be selected for a bride in an engagement, it is advisable to select a ring that is graceful in appearance.

Jolly pink diamond earrings

Selection of Metal

There are several metals that can be used in selecting the settings for a diamond ring. These include platinum, silver, gold stainless steel and titanium. The selection of the metal should be based on a person’s current collection of jewelry if it is for personal use. If the ring is to be purchased for brides in engagements, it is important to consider their wardrobe collection. Pink diamond earrings are luxurious and magnificent, and will complement pink necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

The wearer’s skin tone should also be considered in diamond ring settings. It is necessary to check out how different metals look on the skin so that the right metal is used. if the ring is to be purchased for a bride, it is important to pay attention to the metals they normally wear to get an idea of the type of rings they prefer. If t is found that the bride prefers silver and gold hues, then a selection of two tone diamond rings is advisable.

Brand new marquise diamond ring settings

Conventional or Traditional Settings

Settings for diamond rings have been found to fall into the two mentioned categories. The traditional option includes varieties like bezel, channel or prong while the unconventional varieties include pave, invisible and tension. It has been found that prong settings are ideal for engagement rings. It is, however, advisable to select a setting that will enhance the style and personality of the bride if the ring is not for personal use.

Setting Styles

Solitaire diamond ring settings feature the use of a single gem while the alternative multi-stone settings incorporate several pieces of diamonds. Solitaires are very popular due to their traditional and classic appearance especially by buyers who prefer to design their own rings. It is necessary to determine the use of the diamonds before selecting between the two options if the desired effect is to be achieved.

  • A good example of the multi stone settings is the three-stone settings, which are considered as the ideal antique diamond ring settings when purchasing rings for anniversary celebrations. They are also popular because the three pieces of diamonds are taken by many to symbolize the present, past and future.
  • There are sidestone ring settings are ideal for women who adore diamond rings because they feature one piece of diamond at the center and several diamonds or gems that are placed in a way that highlights the central piece.
  • Vintage settings are ideal for people who like antiques because they offer sentimentality.

    Famous antique diamond ring settings

  • Pave diamond ring settings preferred by women who like their jewelry with a look of hard or crust coating. These settings are popular because their design enhances the natural beauty of the diamonds, while using as little amount of the gem as possible.
  • Emerald cut diamond ring settings are beautiful because of the effects of the green transparent color, which makes the diamond highly valued.
  • Marquise diamond ring settings are popular because they are cut into attractive oval and pointed shapes and are, in most cases, faceted.

The selection of a ring setting is as important as choosing the diamond piece that fits in it. Whether the ring is for personal use or for a loved one, it is important to select the most appropriate setting to ensure that the investment is worthwhile. Style and personality are paramount in the selection to ensure that the piece selected is highly valued especially when it is to be used in an engagement.