A Fashion Flair with Cheap Diamonds

Cheap diamonds have recently taken the fashion world by storm, and proven to be some of the best accessories an individual can buy to effectively underscore his/her fashion sense and sophistication. Naturally, by considering the exquisiteness of diamond jewelry, most people often seem to think that such accessories are the sole preserve of the affluent.

The truth is, however, quite different to this kind of reasoning, and with careful thought almost anyone can be in a position to acquire cheap diamonds that don’t compromise on their quality. To this end, all gemstones experts in this field usually utilize four basic factors in the attempt of ascertaining a diamonds worth, and these are Cut, Carat, Clarity and Color. Which are otherwise known as a diamonds 4Cs.

Rare and cheap diamonds

If you might be on the lookout for excellent, but affordable jewelry such as pink diamond earrings, it would be of great importance to comprehensively grasp the vital factors that can determine the quality and in extension, the eventual cost of diamonds. This will invariably assist you to make an informed purchase that is based not only by your distinct preferences, but also your budget.

Cheap diamonds cut

The cut of a diamond happens to be one of the foremost factors that determine its worth. This is due to the fact that the type of cut utilized in fashioning a diamond also determines the intensity of its sparkle and even its shine. Most people usually make the mistake of confusing a diamond’s shape with its cut, and while the former concerns itself with the stone’s form; its cut gives a reference to just how the jewel has been designed and set. One of the best indicators of a well cut diamond is how it effectively traps light.

Double pink diamond earrings

Experts usually examine 3 basic features of a diamond’s cut to arrive at its value, and these are:

Cut grade: This happens to be a standardized grading analysis that defines a diamond’s cut by its shape and also the pattern followed in its facet arrangement.

Cut depth: A diamond that is either cut too deep or superficially can permit light to pass through its sides and bottom, thereby diminishing its worth.

Polish: Poorly polished cheap diamonds can significantly lose their brilliance and invariably, their value.

Types of cheap diamonds cuts

The type of diamond cut utilized can greatly determine its value, and all experts use a descending scale to classify these stones. At the top of the scale is the “ideal cut”, and the value gradually decreases to “fair/poor cuts”, which are at the bottom.

Nice and cheap diamonds rings

Like expected some of the best cheap diamonds cuts are the ones that follow the ideal cut. And some of the particularly high quality, but affordable diamonds can be found in the “premium cut”, which are naturally excellent stones that can also be shaped into a variety of forms, not only the conventional round ones.

There are also “very good” cut varieties that can reflect a lot of light, and this makes them quite exceptional, and make for perhaps some of the most affordable and superior quality diamonds.

Finally, there are “good cut” diamonds that are also other cost effective and elegant jewels, which can appeal to the tastes of persons operating with tight budgets.

Carat Weight

A diamond’s weight is gauged in carats, and the more carats it weighs, the higher it costs. It is, thus, important to ascertain just how much carats might be appropriate for the jewelry such as cheap diamonds rings that can fit your budget.


The majority of diamonds usually contain some inclusions (foreign particles), which are mostly minute traces of other minerals or flaws that can’t be seen by the naked eye. A diamond’s clarity is, therefore, measured by the amount of these inclusions.

Small and cheap diamonds loose

Diamonds are, for the most part, clear when viewed by the naked eye, but in the real sense all of them contain traces of yellow pigment, and these stones’ price can be determined by their transparency. With the most clear costing more.

On the other hand, you can also opt for cheap diamonds loose, which are simply unset diamonds, and they offer a host of benefits over inexpensive diamonds on. And these include being entirely customizable and there unmatched affordability. All of these stones can be bought at established cheap diamonds online stores.