Diamond Bracelets

When it comes to accessories, diamond bracelets stand head and shoulders above most jewelry pieces, except equally striking diamond necklaces, tiaras, solitaires, and pink diamond earrings. These eye catching jewelry pieces can go with any attire. Both men and women covet diamond jewelry, partly for the social esteem these bring to them, and partly because of their striking beauty. There are, therefore, diamond bracelets for men as well as women.

Simple diamond bracelets

Differences between diamond bracelets for women and for men

Diamond studded bracelets for men and women differ considerably. The differences include

  • Men’s bracelets are wider, that is, almost half an inch to one inch wide, whereas women’s bracelets are usually about half that width;

  • Men’s bracelets usually have clusters of several smaller diamonds set together to form shapes such as rectangles, or squares on plates. These plates are attached to each other with hinges just like in any cycle’s chain. Patterns in setting of diamonds include prong or Rolex, bezel, chanel, fanook, and pave setting. In women’s bracelets, diamonds are fewer in numbers, but may be larger. These stones are often spread on the entire length of the thinner bracelet as a single or double row. Alternately, smaller diamonds may be used to form intricate designs, with lots of curves, geometric designs, flower shapes, vine shapes, leaves, and many more. Women’s bracelets, therefore, often have asymmetrical designs on them. They may also have asymmetric shapes.

    Squared pink diamond earrings

  • A clasp like that in any steel chain watch strap is provided in men’s bracelets. Alternately, these bracelets may be stretched and worn on wrist. In the case of women’s bracelets the fastening arrangement is usually by pressing the two ends together. There are, however, women’s bracelets as well that come with chain like structure, wherein the fastening may be with a clasp.

  • Men tend to wear their diamond studded bracelet on the same hand as their watch. Women on the other hand use their bracelets on the hand that does not have the watch, effectively replacing their bangles.

  • Usually, men’s bracelets are 8 to 8.5 inches long. Wrist size determines this. But women’s wrists are usually smaller, and therefore, women’s bracelets are also shorter in length. Usually, women’s bracelets may be 8 inches or less in length.

    Cute diamond bracelets for women

Value of bracelet

Factors that determine the value of a diamond studded bracelets include:

  • The weight and carat of gold, silver, platinum, and other metals that are used in it and their rates on the date of purchase. The length and breadth of the bracelet, therefore, matters.

  • The carat of diamonds used, along with their clarity level and color level. Carat of diamond is its weight. Therefore larger the diamonds more will be their weight. Clarity and color are graded. This is usually certified by reputed gemologists such as Antwerp Gemologists Institute. Diamonds of the grade D, E, and F are rare, and therefore more expensive. As the letters go down, the color of diamonds keeps on changing its shade till N, P, Q, R, and S, which are tinted varieties. This is the reason there are pink diamond ear rings, and blue diamonds, which are also genuine diamonds, except that they have the tint. As far as clarity of diamonds is concerned, the scale starts with F and IF, which are rare and therefore expensive as well. The VVS1-VVS2 is the next grade, followed by VS1-VS2, and SI1-SI2. The last category, that is, I1-I3 has the most inclusions. This is the reason it is not very expensive.

    Handsome diamond bracelets for men

  • Scratches if any on the gold, and any other imperfection in the jewelry.

Diamond bracelets are good gifting options. Cheap diamond bracelets are in affordable range depending upon carat, base metals in which diamonds are set, color of diamond, setting style, clarity, and many more. Unusual varieties such as black diamonds are also gaining in popularity, though they do not shine like white diamonds. Diamond bracelets are also good as investments since the price of diamond as well as gold in them keeps on increasing over a period. Effectively, such bracelets can be used to park funds and earn in form of capital gains, without paying any income tax till these are sold. Diamond is as effective a hedge against inflation as gold and can be mortgaged if need be. Care should be taken to ensure that such diamond studded bracelets have genuine diamonds on them by asking for certificate from a reliable gemologist.