All About Diamond Bands

Men have to get down on their bended knees when proposing and produce diamond bands in velvet boxes during acceptance. However, you do not know if you should choose these bands for your bride because you do not know much about them. These bands help in narrowing down your choice because they are some of the most popular choices when it comes to diamond bands for women.

Eternity diamond bands

Diamond Wedding Bands

The diamond bands are made of many smaller channel or pave diamonds that are set directly into them. Channel settings hold the small diamonds by their sides between a couple of long tracks of precious metals. You cannot see any metal between the gemstones if these settings are used with rectangular, princess, or square diamonds. They produce floating diamonds in a stunning continuous line. Pave settings on the other hand have very small claw-like prongs that are barely visible. Round cut diamonds typically have pave settings that are in a brilliant illusion across the surfaces of the rings.

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Daily Diamond Wear

Like diamond bands rings for women, mens diamond bands can be worn daily because they are very comfortable since their setting is smoothly done into the bands of the rings. They are suitable for men who love working with children, medical professionals, and sports lovers because they have a low profile.

Cost of Diamond Jewelry

These bands are more expensive as compared to black diamond bands because the small gemstones that are used for the creation of their brilliant impact are not easy to find. In addition, since pave settings are labor intensive and highly skilled, they are some of the most expensive.

Nice diamond bands for women

The best-selling 14k diamond bands

The following are some of the best-selling 14k diamond rings that can enchant you as well as your spouse so much that both of you will want to wear them on your fingers.

  • Princess cut 14k diamond rings – You cannot overlook the elegance and popularity of these bands because they stand next to the rounded ones when it comes to the lending of sheer multidimensional sparkling effects. These bands have been popular since 1964 and their quality is high with SI in clarity and GOH in color.

  • The 14k Cassiopeia diamond rings – These brilliant diagonally cut diamonds that have posh vibe serve the intention of people who love versatility in the bands that they wish to buy for their weddings and wear for a lifetime. If you want some extra glitter, you can choose crown center diamonds that have high polished quality. Alternatively, if you want to highlight the diamonds, you can opt for a brush finish.

Factors to consider when buying diamond band rings

Look for guarantee and security when buying a diamond ring:

  • Buy a 14k diamond 3mm ring that measures 10 centimeters and a 10-carat diamond band that measures 3mm for your bride. This band has a lifetime warranty for replacing it at no charge at any time and hence, you do not have to worry about it being fractured or damaged.

  • In addition, since it will be reshaped in accordance with your requirements at no charge, you do not have to fret about the need to change the size of your finger. You can also ensure that it is engraved. This ring is perfect for people who prefer to wear something practical with their thinking hat.

  • You should consider buying a 14k diamond wedding band that is 6mm wide and has a diamond weight of 0.48 carat. It is currently available in sizes of between 5 and 13.

Titanium black diamond bands

Alternatively, you should consider buying a hi-polish ring that has a smooth finish, “channel set round diamond “ ring because it suits stylish high fashion aesthetic individuals since it is comfortable to wear.

A wedding requires you to be responsible and your responsibility is to make your bride to feel lucky and special. You should therefore ensure that you get diamond rings that will match with her pink diamond earrings on that special day.