Wedding Earrings

A wedding is one of the most important days in your life. It is the day when you invite your friends and family to celebrate the culmination of your romance. It is the day when you stand next to the love of your life and pledge your undying affection for each other. It is your very own fairy tale. 

On that special day, everything needs to be perfect – especially the ear rings. By virtue of being where they are worn, earrings stand out. And they leave a permanent mark on the wedding in the minds of all you meet and in every up-close photo or video recording. Pick the right pair of earrings and you will look as glorious as an empress on your wedding day. Pick the wrong pair of your earrings and you will hate even having to look at your wedding pictures or video footage.

wedding bridal earrings

But, how do you select the perfect pair of wedding earrings? Well, there are three criteria that can help. First, they have to blend perfectly with the shape of your head and face. Second, they have to fuse seamlessly with the colour scheme of your wedding attire. Third, they have to be cute, attractive and unique. 

So, where can you find such wedding rings? Well, there is a delightful collection of magnificent earrings you can choose from. Let’s explore some of the earrings that can be perfect for your wedding.

sophisticated pearl wedding earrings

Pink diamond earrings

The diamond was famously described as “girl’s best friend”, and the color pink is often associated with femininity. The pink diamond earrings are one of the rarest and most precious jewels on the planet. Therefore, these earrings are a fusion of preciousness with femininity. They are a perfect choice for your wedding because:

  • They come in a variety of shapes and sizes

  • They have gorgeous designs

  • They designed to blend well with most bridal dresses and wedding attire

  • They communicate class, elegance and taste

elegant vintage wedding earrings

Pearl wedding earrings

A pearl is perhaps one of the most sought after treasures of all time. The very mention of the word evokes mystery, elegance and preciousness. A pearl earring is perhaps one of the most beautiful you will ever see. You want pearl wedding earrings because

  • There is an array of exquisite designs to choose from

  • Some are laced with precious metals and gemstones

  • There are specific designs for bride, bridesmaids and flower-girls

  • They evoke mystery, preciousness and romance

Chandelier wedding earrings

The chandelier design is perhaps the most famous earring design in the world. Designed to look like mini-chandeliers, they are long, gorgeous and ultra-glamorous. It is no wonder that celebrities like Beyonce and Nicole Kidman are rarely seen without them. They have a royal appeal too – Kate Middleton wore a pair on her wedding to Prince William. If that is not reason enough for you to opt for chandelier wedding earrings, here are more:

  • There are many gorgeous and exotic designs to choose from

  • There are a variety of price ranges 

  • There are made from different materials (precious metals, ivory, crystals, gemstones). This makes them perfect for people who are allergic to certain materials.

  • They communicate taste, royalty and opulence

cute pink diamond earrings

Vintage wedding earrings

Earrings have graced weddings for thousands of years. In the process, there are certain designs that have become classics. This is what is in the vintage collection. This collection also includes the best designs from indigenous collectors all over the world. They are perfect for those who want to give their wedding an exotic feel either for adventure or to reflect the indigenous cultures they hail from. The vintage collection includes both classical earrings and vintage wedding earrings from indigenous China, Africa, Samoan Islands and India. You want vintage earrings because

  • There’s a multitude of exciting designs to chose from

  • They are exotic, unique and picturesque

  • There are a number of themes to from which to select

  • They communicate heritage, taste and style

Therefore, whatever your specific needs are, there is the perfect pair of earrings for you. There are earrings for all categories of people at the wedding from the bride to the maids, matron and flower-girls. There are exquisite designs which blend perfectly with every face type and wedding dress design. Most of the earrings have matching jewelry such as rings, necklaces and bangles. Therefore, you have an opportunity to truly sparkle on your wedding day, and cherish the memories for the rest of your life.