Guide to buy Large Hoop Earrings

Jewelry is women’s best friends. Women wear different kind of jewelry to look classy and elegant. Quite some time women stand out in the crowd due to the jewelry she is wearing. Wearing large hoop earrings is one the latest trends women follow. Earrings are available in various forms you get a variety from small studded diamonds to the large hoop earrings. Each woman has a different choice of earrings. Earrings which are matching to the outfit of the women add to the beauty of the women. Proper selection of large hoop earrings for women according to the outfit and facial features makes any ear piece an elegant piece. This makes women look classy and elegant. Hence, women needs to be careful while selecting the earrings she wears, it should be according to the occasion. Wrong or unmatched earring makes a mockery of women. Many women like hoop earrings; however, they need to be careful while selecting them. Here is a helpful guide which will help women to make a wise decision while buying hoop earrings. 

sophisticated extra large hoop earrings

The Style of the hoop

You need to choose a hoop earring which best suits the occasion you want to wear. If you are already aware where you want to wear the earrings, then you can select the same accordingly. However, in general the basic round or oval hoop earrings will match all your outfits. If you are looking for a long term investment, do not buy very fancy hoop earrings.

Sizes of the hoop earrings

Hoop earrings are available in variety of sizes. Earrings are very close to the face and hence one needs to select the size of the earrings according to their face size. It should be in proportion to the face. One can select earrings with a small hoop or large hoop. Tall women with a long face can go for extra large hoop earrings. Women who are short with a broad face should opt for small or medium sized hoop earrings.

unique pink diamond earrings


These hoop earrings for women are available in various varieties. One needs to choose as per the budget and personal choice. You can opt for a gold based hoop earrings or sterling silver large hoop earrings depending on your budget and personal choice. However, select the metal which best suits your skin. Diamond hoop earrings are also one of the latest trends. Small pink diamond earrings are one of the women’s favorite.


When you are investing in hoop earrings, always go in for quality. Cheap quality or bad quality earrings might affect your skin and ears as they might be too heavy or cause some infection to your skin. Do not compromise on the quality of the earrings.

large hoop earrings for women with beads


These hoop earrings are available in variety of colors. Choose a color which best suits your outfit. You need to also have a personal choice here; you can invest in warm colors that is yellow gold or rose gold or you can buy earrings in cool color like silver , platinum or white gold. Your skin type will also be one of the factors for you to choose a color for you hoop earrings.

Consider your lifestyle

While selecting your hoop earrings, do not forget to consider your lifestyle. If you are an adventurous person, who will go for a bike ride early in the morning then a simple style hoop earring is suitable for you. For office you can select a hoop earring which is about 1.5 inches in diameter. Hoop earrings with diamond studded in them will give a classy and an elegant look.

elegant large hoop earrings

Check your wardrobe

Before buying any hoop earrings, always check your wardrobe for the various sizes and types of earrings you already have. If you have a good collection of studs then you can probably try out the hoop earrings for a change. Start with buying small or medium hoop earrings. Avoid very big hoop earrings if you are a starter in wearing hoop earrings. If you already have a significant collection of small and large hoop earrings then this is the time to invest in extra large earrings to give yourself a different look.


Lastly, always look for your comfort. Make sure the earrings you buy are comfortable for you. They should not be bulky and the metal used should not be such that you are allergic off.