Different Styles of Vintage Engagement Rings

The esteem given to vintage engagement rings rests on the fact that they are elegant and naturally timeless, as well. These rings are available in a number of exclusive designs that reflect both modernity and a bit of the traditional look that were evident in engagement rings. Most of the rings that are referred to as vintage are made from precious metals on which valuable gemstones are placed to give it an exceptional appearance. Some of the popular metals that are used on these rings are gold and silver, with many jewelry stores having them as part of their collection of gold vintage engagement rings.

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What to consider

Majority of the designs of vintage engagement rings have changed over time, with most of them being made to resemble the ones that were worn at certain time periods in history. These designs make them stand out regardless of the current trends that are being bought and worn by other women.  When shopping for such engagement rings, it is important to consider a person’s personal style and even other types of jewelry that they can pair them up with. Some vintage rings used for engagement have pink diamonds as part of their design which can be paired up with pink diamond earrings.

Nevertheless, it is important to buy these engagement rings from a reputable dealer to ensure that they are of good quality. The rings which are sometimes referred to as antique vintage engagement rings are available online, as well as actual stores with the price range changing from one store to another. Therefore, it is important to compare prices from one jeweler to another so as to find cheap vintage engagement rings that have a unique design and is made from quality material. If unsure of the vintage inspired engagement ring to buy, ask for assistance to ensure that you get what you are looking for.

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Popular styles of vintage engagement rings

Majority of rings that have the title “vintage” were popular within a certain time period and usually have a unique design that makes them easy to identify.  These rings have an unmatched beauty that is characterized by unusual angles, as well as curvatures that make them look sophisticated and quite elegant when worn on the finger.  Some of the well known vintage engagement rings that can be found in jewelery stores include:

  • Victorian engagement rings

These are one of the most common vintage inspired rings that are available for sale in a number of jewelry stores. Its popularity stems from its unique style that blends diamonds as well as pearls within a particular ring to give it an exquisite look. However, there are some styles that have colored gemstones that make the rings stand out more. The Victorian trend which is part of the vintage look has continuously produced cut throat styles that have remained trendy over time.

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  • Edwardian engagement rings

These engagement tings were popular during the Edwardian period and were popular, as well as famous with many women living in that time. The rings had very intricate designs that were referred to as scroll work, on which precious stones such as sapphires as well as rubies were placed.  Furthermore, majority of designers that adopt this particular vintage design use yellow platinum to make the gemstones stand out.

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  • Art Nouveau engagement rings

These engagement rings are ideal for women who appreciate vintage styles that are delicate and also flowing in the overall design. The style is inspired by nature and usually consists of natural elements that include flowers, flowing curves and birds which make the ring look unique whenever it is worn.

Maintenance and care

These vintage rings have to be well maintained so that they retain their shine. Regular polishing will go a long way in ensuring that they look elegant at all times.

Antique Engagement Rings: Buying Tips You Should Consider

Most women prefer wearing antique engagement rings because of the history, as well as character that they posses. These rings are given the name “antique” because most of them have been in existence for fifty years or more. The engagement rings which almost always have diamonds as part of their overall design are usually a one-of-a-kind piece that makes them unique. In case that the diamond on the ring is pink, then adding pink diamond earrings is a good way to bring them out and complete the look as well. Apart from the diamonds, these rings have various unique elements that make them a good candidate for an heirloom that can be passed on from one generation to another.

pretty vintage antique engagement rings

When buying this kind of ring it is advisable to visit jewelry shops that specialize in antique items. The store is likely to have a wide collection of these engagement rings which makes it easier to find one that meets your personal style or that of your partner. Some of the popular ones are yellow gold antique engagement rings which have been worn by celebrities as well as ordinary fashionable women.  However, if you are knowledgeable on antique jewelry then buying the engagement rings at pawn shops, antique stores and estate sales are an alternative selling point and they may even cost less.

What to expect when buying an antique engagement ring

Even as antique engagement rings continue to grow in popularity among couples looking for a unique way to symbolize their love, there are many people who are not able to identify an authentic antique ring. These rings have unique features that make them easy to identify when shopping for one, both online and at those stores located in malls and other areas. Some buying guidelines for these rings which are sometimes referred to as vintage antique engagement rings include:

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  • Quality of diamond

The quality of the diamonds that have been used in the design of older and modern engagement rings differ in terms of the standard that was used to measure them. It is common to find antique rings having yellow, rose and even green diamonds as compared to the brilliant white which is used on most modern engagement rings. Furthermore, some of the diamonds may have internal flaws because of the less developed machines that would have been used to detect them.

  • Craftsmanship

The intricate details that are commonly featured in the design of an antique ring give it the ability to stand out. These details are particular to the time period in which it was designed, thus contributing to its distinctiveness even among other antique styles available in jewelry stores. Most times, replica antique engagement rings lack quality craftsmanship.

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  • Diamond settings

Majority of the settings that can be seen on these engagement rings are quite elaborate. The elaborate setting makes the diamond placed on the metal band to appear larger, which improves its overall appearance. Individuals who want to buy an antique diamond ring to use for engagement purposes can use the ones that were designed in the 1930s or 1940s.

  • Unusual stones

Some of the engagement rings referred to as “antique” can have the other types of center stones except for diamonds. These precious stones can include opal, emerald and pearl, among others which are also valuable in their own right.

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However, they are sometimes considered to be cheap antique engagement rings because of the absence of diamonds in their design.

Taking care of your antique ring

Antique engagement rings need regular maintenance that includes cleaning and polishing.  It is also important to be careful while wearing them to avoid getting them damaged easily. You can also take it the store or professional cleaners to have them cleaned on a regular basis. This way, you can be sure that your ring will stay classy, elegant and stylish for as long as possible.

Key Points to Remember When Buying an Engagement

For most men, buying an engagement ring is a step that is taken after a lot of thought has been put into the marriage proposal.  The ring is considered to be a declaration of their love and commitment to their partner whom they hope to spend the rest of their lives with. There are different types of rings that can be used for an engagement, with some of them being affordable while others much more expensive. Most times, the precious stone and the metal used in its construction determine its overall cost, not to mention how some can also include diamonds on gold, platinum or silver metal bands, among others.

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Nevertheless, there are some women that want their proposal ring to communicate a certain message between them and their partner. For such women, an infinity engagement ring is a good choice because it serves as a reminder of their never ending love and also allows her to be unique in her choice of ring.  When shopping for an engagement ring it is important to browse through a number of jewelry stores to find the most appropriate one that is high quality and being sold at a good price.

Factors to consider when buying an engagement ring

The main aim when buying an engagement ring is to make sure your partner loves the ring immediately, and as soon as it is presented the answer will most likely be a positive one. Therefore, it is important to follow some simple guidelines that will make it much easier to get the most suitable one and they include:

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  • First, ensure that you have the correct ring size to avoid embarrassment at the proposal when the ring is too big or too small. The best way is to measure using one of her rings or ask her friends to get you the accurate information. Most jewelers are able to help you make the final decision from the information provided to them.
  • Second, select an appropriate metal that will go well with the type of diamond chosen for the ring. There are different types of metals to choose from, with some being more expensive than others and looking much better, too.  For example, a rose gold engagement ring is an elegant choice for women who want their rings to be easily noticeable because of the rose gold metal.
  • Third, the type of diamond is also important and should be chosen by considering the factors such as the cut, carat, clarity and colors. These factors go a long way in helping you select the best diamond that will impress your partner during the marriage proposal. Most jewelers are aware of these 4C’s and will likely use them when assisting you to select diamonds in their store.

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  • Fourth, make the proposal special by buying her a pink diamond engagement ring which is quite rare. It is important to buy such a unique ring at a reputable jeweler to ensure that it is authentic. To complete the look, the ring can be easily paired with pink diamond earrings that can be bought as a set with the ring or at a later date.
  • Finally, the cost of the ring is also important to consider as it should fit within your budget.  It is therefore important to compare prices when shopping for the ring so that you are able to find one that is beautiful, good quality and affordable.

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Making it special

The ring you present to your partner when proposing should communicate your commitment regardless of its cost. Most women appreciate the thought put into the planning of the moment so that it is special for her. It will surely be a day or night that she will remember for as long as she lives, making you and the ring as the center of attraction.

Identifying Unique Engagement Rings

To meet the needs of their unusual clients, most jewelry stores have different types of unique engagement rings as part of their collection. These rings have an atypical feature that sets them apart from other rings, making them a popular choice among men and women looking for something different. Although majority of the rings cost more than the usual engagement rings, it is also possible to find some cheap unique engagement rings at a variety of stores both online and at physical locations. However, it may require a bit of window shopping and comparison of prices to find one that meets the budget and is high quality as well.

Ultra unique engagement rings

Designing with diamonds

The most common unique engagement rings for women have diamonds as part of their design, with the difference being in the type of diamond or even its size. Some of these diamonds, such as the pink diamonds are very rare, thus making them very unique and a favorite of fashionable women.

In a bid to make the unique diamond stand out more on the finger, they can be paired with pink diamond earrings which are valuable as well. There are times when the unusual feature in the engagement ring may not be easy to identify unless at close proximity, while others can be seen even with a simple glance at the ring. This is why it is important to consider the unique features when buying this piece of jewelry.

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How to identify unique engagement rings

There are many rings that are referred to as unique engagement rings because of the features that have been incorporated in their design. These rings differ in a number of ways and can be identified by a number of characteristics that include:

  • Setting – Majority of engagement rings have a simple design that includes a simple metal band and a diamond as the center stone. However, there are some rings whose settings are unusual so as to incorporate a diamond that has been cut in a different manner. These settings can be of an abstract design or a vintage inspired design that makes the precious stone placed on it look outstanding.
  • Type of gemstone – Apart from diamonds, which is used on many engagement rings, there are other types of jewels that can be used as well. These jewels make the ring look different and attractive because of their unusual appearance and they include rubies, sapphires, and emeralds, among others. However, for those who prefer diamonds, there are unique black diamond engagement rings that are a great alternative to the clear ones.

    Braided and unique engagement rings for women

  • Metal band – Some of the most common metals used in the construction of bands for engagement rings are gold, silver and platinum. These metals are preferred because of their durable nature and they also look good on different skin tones. However, some rings are made from unique metals such as tungsten carbide, stainless steel, platinum, palladium and titanium which are still durable but also have extra distinctive features.
  • Distinct design – The design of the engagement rings also plays a part in making it unique and a “must have” for many women. Some of the rings may have a metal band that has been creatively designed and different from the plain ones common with engagement rings. Also, there can be use of one or more gemstones in their construction which improves its appearance and its value as well.

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Your dream ring

Unique engagement rings are indeed a good choice for anyone looking for jewelry that will look impressive and fashionable. It may take some time to settle on one, but once the decision is made, it is hardly ever regretted. Without a doubt, it is truly essential for you to find not just any kind of ring, but something that can turn  your dream ring into reality.

Some of the Most Famous Designer Engagement Rings

Most people associate designer engagement rings with celebrities because of their unique designs and the high prices at which they are being sold. There are many designers that have their ring collections sold at many jewelry stores around the world, through the internet and at actual stores, as well.

The main reason for their popularity is because of their revolutionary styling, as well as the flawless craftsmanship that is evident in all their collections. Furthermore, the precious stones as well as metals used in the construction of designer engagement rings also contribute to the fame they enjoy among women who want to look stylish when wearing them.

Wonderful designer engagement rings

Top designer engagement rings

Although the number of designer engagement rings for women is gradually increasing, there are some collections that consistently remained at the top. These designers have unique engagement rings as part of their collection and are a “must have” for women all around the world. Some of the well known engagement ring designers are:

  • Verragio  

Verragio engagement rings have been in existence for more than two decades and are known for their beautiful designs. The flair as well as creativity of the designer is evident in all the rings collections that he produces for both celebrities and ordinary people. The rings which are hand crafted have fluid styling that incorporates delicate embellishments, bringing out a lot of its details and making them stand out when worn on the ring finger.

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Majority of the designer engagement rings have a vintage feel because they are crafted in platinum, white, yellow and rose gold. A unique feature of the engagement rings by Verragio is the Lumino setting which exposes the diamond on all sides and allows light to reflect on it from all sides.  Some of the Verragio collections are Parisian, Paradiso, Couture, Venetian and Insignia.

  • Tacori

Engagement rings by Tacori have been a favorite of many for over four decades because of their unique design which reveal a combination of science, as well artistry. The handcrafted rings are available in a number of collections that bring out styles of modern glamour and traditional elegance that are evident in most of the designs by Tacori. When shopping for engagement rings from this designer, it is possible to find styles that are simple while others are ornate and very intricate, thus making it easy to find one that fits your personal style. The unique design element that is found in all engagement rings by this designer is the crescent silhouette that interlocks with half-moon arcs that allows light to easily reflect on the diamond and reveal their brilliance. The engagement ring collections by Tacori are Blooming beauties, Classic crescent, Dantela, Full bloom and Pretty in pink that goes well with pink diamond earrings and other timeless jewelry pieces.

Special and unique designer engagement rings

  • Mark Schneider

Mark Schneider is known for his unique designer engagement rings that have won him awards across the world. The rings which are unique and stand out from the rest, are available in a variety of styles which can meet the needs of those looking for a modern or contemporary design.

The unique design element of the engagement rings by Mark Schneider is the “secret heart” emblem that is discreetly incorporated as part of the design and has a message for the wearer. Most of the collections by the designer are viewed as art and they include Enchantment, Escaped, Beloved and Bedazzle.

Best top designer engagement rings
Worth it

Buying designer engagement rings may require spending a bit more money but they are worth every penny. These designer rings are a great choice for an heirloom that can be worn in the family from one generation to another.

Tips When Looking for Cheap Engagement Rings

Cost is one of the major considerations for most people when buying rings, thus explaining the growing popularity of cheap engagement rings. The rings which can be bought in many jewelry stores are available in classic, as well as modern styles for the benefit of their clients. Most times the word “cheap” is associated with low quality, but this is not so for all engagement rings especially when they are bought from reputable jewelers. However, it is important for shoppers to balance between the cost and quality of the jewelry when buying cheap diamond engagement rings so as to get the best deal possible.

Nice andcheap engagement rings

Many reputable jewelers are also able to provide valuable information concerning cheap engagement rings for men and women. They are able to help shoppers make an informed decision or even settle on alternative rings that fit their budget and meet their partner’s personal style. Therefore, if in doubt of the best ring to buy with the money set aside, you should ask for help from the store assistant while researching on the cheapest engagement rings in the market. However, it is crucial that the final decision is satisfactory to you and the partner that it will presented to at the right moment.

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Buying guide for cheap engagement rings

Finding affordable engagement rings may require some effort but with helpful guidelines, the search can be much shorter and easier. Some of the steps to have in mind when buying cheap engagement rings for women include:

  1. Know her preferred ring

Even though the engagement ring is being bought on a budget, it should still be the design that your partner will love. If she would love a pink diamond engagement ring to match with pink diamond earrings, then consider buying her one if you can afford it and you want to make her happy. Finding out about her preference in terms of engagement rings makes the selection process much easier. Furthermore, find out about the ring size to ensure that it is not too tight or too large for her finger but do so in a subtle way through friends or asking questions so that she does not find out about your intentions.

The best cheap engagement rings for women

  1. Set a budget

Set aside some money that you will use to buy the engagement ring to avoid going over your budget. The budget for the ring should be realistic and should be set after considering the price at which cheap engagement rings are being sold. Furthermore, research on different types of information concerning such rings such as the four C’s when buying a diamond ring and the alternative gemstones that are available for those that are looking for cheaper rings.

  1. Shop around

Some designers have cheap engagement rings as part of their collection, thus making it possible for those on a budget to buy a quality ring at an affordable price. These collections may be available in a limited number but with proper planning, you should be able to find a unique engagement ring. Therefore, it is important to browse through a number of online jewelry stores as well those located at physical locations to find the best designs. You should also compare prices of various engagement rings before buying one.

The best cheap engagement rings for men

Being flexible

When shopping for engagement rings that are inexpensive, it is important to have an open mind when making a choice. For example, there might be a ring that would be perfect for your partner but is a bit expensive, thus making it important to find another one that is similar but much cheaper.

Overall, many women and men consider the thought put into the purchase of an engagement ring far above its cost. So it is important to make them feel special regardless of the price of the ring that you present to them when the time comes.

Why Choose Black Diamond Engagement Rings

Black diamond engagement rings are becoming a popular choice for couples who are looking for a different yet unique way of symbolizing their love. The effect of such a ring is usually dramatic, especially when showing it off to friends and family who may be used to those with clear diamonds. Most engagement rings that have one or more black diamonds as part of their design provide a great contrast to the metal bands that they have been placed on, making them look brilliant and attractive. Among the diamond shapes available, the princess cut black diamond engagement rings are the most popular especially for women who want the diamond as the center stone of their ring.

Beautiful black diamond engagement rings

There are a number of jewelry stores that have different collections of diamond jewelry such as pink diamond earrings, engagement rings and wedding bands, among others. These stores, which can be easily found with some effort, allow those shopping for engagement rings with black diamonds to do so in a convenient manner. Most jewelers are well informed about the black diamond and are able to assist in the selection of a suitable one for the perfect proposal. However, it is important to have an idea of the type of engagement ring your partner would appreciate, even if they have expressly communicated that they would like one with a black diamond on it.

Elegant pink diamond earrings

Top reasons to wear black diamond engagement rings

Many women are wearing black diamond engagement rings as part of their jewelry, even though it is a trend that is still catching on. Some of the reasons why these engagement rings have become so popular among a great number of women include:

  • Visually appealing

These engagement rings are beautiful because of the shining black diamond that enhances the appearance of the ring.  The diamond which shimmers like the common clear diamond is a great alternative for women who want to stand out without having to pay so much for it. Most times, the ring complements other types of jewelry, giving your finger a perfect look that will be easily noticeable.

Special black diamond engagement rings for women

  • Less expensive

 Diamond rings are always considered to be very expensive but this is not so for black diamond engagement rings for women. These rings are quite affordable with most ladies being able to find one that is within their price range as they browse through a number of jewelry stores.  Although they cost less, the engagement rings are still high quality especially when they have been bought from a reputable jeweler.

  • Variety of styles available

When shopping for engagement rings with a black diamond it is common to find a lot of style options to choose from. It is advisable to try on a number of them before making the decision on the one that looks the best on the finger. These rings can meet the personal style of many women with some jewelry stores even having a collection of antique black diamond engagement rings for those looking for an exclusive style.

Rare and antique black diamond engagement rings

  • Fashionable

Wearing an engagement ring with a black diamond can make any woman look stylish in most outfits in her wardrobe. An outfit that has a bright color greatly complements the ring and allows it to stand out whether at a formal or casual event.

The stylish choice

In general, black diamond engagement rings are a “must have” piece of jewelry for women who want to look stylish at all times. To make sure your boyfriend buys the ring for a proposal, give him hints and ideas of the ring you would prefer to wear for your engagement.