Canary Diamond

Canary diamond is one subcategory of fancy diamonds renowned for their intense yellow coloring. They occur in a variety of color grades, varying from fancy vivid yellow to faint yellow and most often features other color shades such as orange, brown and green. They are formed when there is presence of nitrogen in the carbon crystals while the diamond is forming. Nitrogen is the compound that is responsible for the yellow coloration. They generally produce a brighter yellow color when there is much nitrogen. These stones are obtained from the natural surroundings and not mined as the other diamonds. Because they are really rare to get, the stones come with a hefty price tag.

Glowing canary diamond

Canary diamond is a popular item and is perfectly fitted at the center of the ring alongside the white colored diamond so as to augment the beauty of the ring. You will come across very unique designs and discover that these stones are in a variety of hues. Even though the designs are quite simple, they have the ability to capture the attention of buyers. That is the reason why yellow diamond rings are offered as gifts to loved ones on special occasions such as canary diamond wedding rings or engagement. Canary diamond engagement rings are obtainable in diverse popular shapes such as:

  • Oval cut diamond ring

  • Princess cut diamond ring

  • Radiant cut diamond ring

    nice pink diamond earrings

The yellow diamond blends well with white gold or platinum rather than with the yellow gold. The yellow canary diamond ring is essentially a ring with diamond containing a yellow hue or tint. Due to increased availability and exposure, they are becoming more and more popular nowadays. The more attractive aspect about these rings is that they are really unique. The colorless diamond rings are far more available in the market than the yellow ones. This implies that you have the option of gifting your fiancée with something that is special. Often times, uniqueness drives the value up and therefore it is essential that you be sure of the decision prior to moving forward.

Special canary diamond engagement rings

Since canary diamond is difficult to obtain, the internet has become one of the leading places where people search for them. There are many jewelers online these days that you can get a great deal especially after doing the right research. Ensure that you done a price comparison and also research on the color type that you are interested in since there is a broad range of colors and different intensity levels available. You will need somebody with much knowledge about these diamonds and someone with experience in selling them. Select a dealer who trades a variety of colored diamonds and who charges fair prices for them.

Nowadays, pink diamond earrings are becoming increasingly popular not just for the exquisiteness but also since they are rare. Actually, most gemologists project that in a few years to come they will be totally nonexistent. A majority of the pink diamonds are mined in areas such as Brazil, Africa and Australia. In fact, about 90% of pink diamonds worldwide are mined from Australia’s western region in Argyle diamond mine. The pink diamonds are categorized into:

  • Pink

  • Orangeish pink

  • Purplish pink

  • Pink champagne and 

  • Brownish pink

    Roundish yellow canary diamond ring

There are various crucial aspects that you need to put into consideration when purchasing diamonds. You will need to compare the size and quality of the diamond. The intensity and depth of the color is an important aspect in fancy colored diamonds. The carat weight is another vital factor which influences the pricing of the yellow diamond. The larger diamonds are more expensive because it is more difficult to get a large yellow diamond as compared to a smaller one. Also consider the quality of the cut. A quality stone should prioritize on the cut more than on carats since the hallmark of the canary diamond is its brilliant glow.

In addition, buyers should take into consideration their complexion while purchasing diamonds. The main purpose is to make it match and accentuate the skin tone. Prior to purchasing diamonds online or in the jewelry stores, check the place of their origin, possibilities available of using them in jewelry items and the proof of its genuineness such as a certificate with cut, color and clarity notated.