Leverback Earrings

Leverback earrings are the answer to the old age query; ’How can one avoid losing the back of their favorite earrings’. The earrings have a hook that is fitted through the pierced ear, bends and clasps on the backside of the earlobe. These type of earrings is a must have for any woman’s collection as the lady solves the gravitation of losing one of their favorite earrings forcing them to render the pair useless. Some people wear these earrings because they like the unique and exquisite look they emit, and others love them for their convenience as the hook holds the earring securely on the ear therefore, it cannot easily slip out and get lost which is usually common with other types.

Advantages of Leverback Designed Earrings

When out shopping for earrings, design should not be the only choice that one should make as the hooks and clasps can be quite uncomfortable. With the Leverback earrings one is assured of benefits such as;rhodium leverback diamond earrings

  • Security. While some earrings hang precariously on hooks, these type of earrings dangle on an enclosed hook. Purchasing expensive Leverback earrings exudes confidence since you are assured that once you wear them they won’t slip out and get lost.

  • Style. When purchasing any jewelry, style is the priority in most cases as it projects your fashion taste and preferences. These type of earrings is quite stylish as most of them are adorned with jewelry such as diamonds, rubies, crystals etc. These earrings are especially exquisite when worn in festivities such as ballroom parties whereby when hit by indoor lighting they gleam and shine. However, one can also sport them in workday ensembles and jeans.

elegant leverback earrings

  • Comfort. Some earrings irritate the skin with their sharp ends however, with the Leverback earrings the hooks close completely and also the rounded backs provide a comfortable landing when lying back or at the hair stylist getting pretty. 

As stated earlier, these earrings come in a variety of designs and styles that suits all taste and preferences depending on the event that the wearer is expected to attend as one would choose an entirely different pair for the office to another that would be appropriate for a day out with friends.

Gold Leverback Earrings 

Leverback gold earrings have a charming and durable presentation which distinguishes them from the pack. With the secure backing, one is able to wear the earrings comfortably and confidently without having to worry about losing their expensive earrings unnoticed. With the elegant designs, gemstones and patterns in gold, leverback’s pop! Browsing through for your favorite pair allows you to find different types of leverback’s with different designs and precious stones that when worn will be doing more than just turning heads.

Designs such as gold Leverback earrings can be a wonderful addition to the work ensemble of any lady as gold tends to match with almost everything official. One can choose a pair of drop earrings or one’s that brand emblems such as stars and with the addition of jewels such as colored diamonds which allow women to match the stone to the color of her outfit. Any lady who coordinates her jewelry perfectly emits an effect that can only be termed as beautiful and stunning.

cathy Waterman pink diamond earrings

Leverback Diamond Earrings

Diamonds are described as a girls’ best friend, and colored diamond Leverback earrings are the perfect accessory any girl would love to have in their collection. Colored Leverback diamond earrings such as pink colored are not only beautiful, but they also cause that awe moment when adorned either as the center piece on a ring or on an earring. Traditional properties that usually accompany diamonds are passion, energy and class. Moreover, there are certain beliefs that jewelry containing diamonds increase inner strength and improve relationships between the wearer and people around them. The wearer exudes confidence, abundance and clarity. Certain colors such as pink are associated with ladies and have a symbolic meaning of joy.

sophisticated diamond leverback earrings

Pink diamond earrings are not only classy and sassy, but also they have the ability to pop out during any event leaving a stunning look for the wearer, it is no wonder that they are a celebrity and a favorite to most women who adorn them. Pink diamonds can also be shaped and fitted into this type of earrings in a unique manner analogous to an artist palette. Shapes such as art decor, vintage inspired designs, oval, round and many more have an exquisite look which can be incorporated in both indoor and outdoor events.