Factors to Consider When Selecting Cubic Zirconia Earrings

Cubic zirconia earrings are ideal for those who cannot afford diamond earrings. This is because they offer qualities that resemble those of authentic diamonds. It is, in fact, difficult to distinguish the two through a naked eye, which makes them great additions to any jewelry collection because of their quality, color and clarity. They are ideal alternatives to blue and pink diamond earrings that are known to be very brilliant.

Cubic Zirconia Buying Guide

The following are important factors to consider when selecting Zirconia earrings. With the below write up, you will get to get and choose the best for yourself.

silver cubic zirconia earrings

  • Clip-on or pierced

Earrings were traditionally meant for women but are increasingly being worn by men too. It is, therefore, important to carefully choose between clip-on or pierced cubic Zirconia earrings for men. This is especially if the earrings are to be given as gifts and it is not known if the men have pierced their ears or not.

  • Occasion, preference and style

It is important to consider the occasion to wear zirconia earrings. Studs are ideal for casual occasions and weekends. Earrings purchased as gifts for other persons should fit their style, color and size. It is advisable to pick studs if the person’s preferences are unknown. Dangles and hoops are, on the other hand, ideal for persons who prefer fancy styles. It is possible to use Zirconia earrings with other types of jewelry because they complement their looks.

gorgeous black cubic zirconia earrings

  • Appropriate style for a person’s facial shape

A person’s facial shape determines the style of earrings to wear. It is, however, interesting to note that studs can be used for all types of shapes but work perfectly for men and persons with small faces. If a person has a round face, then dangles and drops are recommended because they portray a slim face. Those with an oval face are advised to wear hoops because they align the facial shape. A person with a square face can wear dangles, hoops or drops so that visual height can be added to the face.

  • Size of the earrings 

Studs are very popular because of their small size and their ease of wearing because they penetrate through ears, and are attached with a post but not a hook. They are ideal for persons who intend to achieve a fashion statement that is not immediately obvious. Drops and dangles can be distinguished by the components at the bottom of the earrings. The farmer’s components are fixed while the latter’s components move as a person moves about. They both add sophistication to a person’s looks and are ideal for causal occasions. Hoops are semi-circular or circular shaped and look like a ring. They come in various sizes and are attached to ears using posts or thin wires that are found at the end of their components. Large sizes of hoops are ideal for social occasions such as parties where casual outfits are worn.

best cubic zirconia earrings for men

  • Matching with skin and eye colors

Earrings should complement the color of the skin. It is for this reason that brown, silver, white and black cubic zirconia earrings should be worn by persons with dark skin. Persons with pale skin should, on the other hand, wear bright colors such as violet and red. They should, however, avoid silver and white gold cubic zirconia earrings. The versatility of gold allows it to be worn by all types of skin color. The same is true for diamonds. Cubic zirconia earrings should also be chosen in a way that complements eye color. It is generally accepted that one should wear earrings that are of a darker shade than their eyes in order to get the most desirable effects.brilliant pink diamond earrings


Cubic zirconia earrings are ideal jewelry pieces for those who don’t want to spend on diamonds but would like to get the same sparkling effects. Zirconia earrings offer the same cuts, shapes and beautiful settings as real diamonds but are known to offer higher levels of clarity. It is important for wearers to take care of their zirconia pieces because they are breakable. There are numerous companies offering zirconia earrings, which makes it necessary for a proper assessment to be made to ensure that the jewelry is good quality and won’t break at the slightest impact. All the best as you get the cubic zirconia accessories.

Sapphire Earrings

For ages women have always attached a high value to jewelry, with sapphire earrings being high ranked. The beauty, social status and image uplift these pieces add to a woman are strong a reason why women cling onto them. May it be on the ankles, wrist, ears, nose and the neck lining, the decoration and glamour associated with these colorful pieces is breathtaking. 

Women put on discerning jewelry when attending special functions in order to look appealing to the attendants. A woman will ever be noticed on decorous jewelry ranging from golden varieties, stretching to silver one and extends to those made from gemstones such as sapphire earrings. The design of these distinguished pieces will sometimes be polished with gold and silver coats to add unto the glimmer and increase the jewelry value. It could also be handy in complementing the apparel the lady is groomed in.

beautiful sapphire earrings

Sapphire earrings are made from a mineral ore of sapphire, which is a gemstone made up of Corundum and Aluminum oxide which occurs within the sediments or sometimes during rocks formation. On production a variety of jewels are molded from this ore, with regards to its hardness, trace elements and decorous nature. Among them are earrings which are of different categories as shown:

  • Blue sapphire earrings

Blue sapphire earrings are the most popular of all sapphire earrings. Its beauty is unparalleled with each of the sapphire hue being nuanced and authentically designed. The color tones of these beautiful developments ranges from deep velvet blue to crispy cornflower blue. They are designed to reflect nature’s beauty and can be marched by women in apparels of blue spectrum colors. Their glittering nature adds unto their grace and as such attracts more ladies to look gorgeous in them.

exquisite pink diamond earrings

  • Pink sapphire earrings

Pink sapphire earrings bring all the pink ranges into lime light. They range in hue and also tone from demure light peach to the hot gum pink to be matched with all pink clothes. They are evaluated by gemologists accurately to determine any heat treatment history and contribute to addition of overall glamour. Many women across the globe prefer pink as their favorite color and thus putting on these pieces of jewels is a clear combo to conquer fashion. They can be matched with dresses and shoes of all tones of pink and match very well without necessarily shouting.

  • White sapphire earrings

White sapphire earrings are completely colorless, though glittering, piece of jewels. Any sapphire is known to receive its color from its compositions which forms it in the earth crust. They are quite expensive due to their rare nature. These pieces are completely untouched by any single trace element hence their unique nature. They make sapphire earrings which are inexpensive compared to diamonds. They are also a superb alternative choice to diamonds for engagement rings. 

elegant pink sapphire earrings

  • Pink diamond earrings

Diamonds originates from preheated rocks under pressure for a long period of time (between 30 million to 50 million centuries) inside the core, the mantle or the earth’s crust. When the earth belly is excavated, and the stones extracted, crafting is done in factories to release refined, distinct and artistic earrings which have pink diamonds embedded in them. Today due to advancement in technology these jewelry can be shaped into differ shapes, sizes and as well many artistic designs. It wouldn’t surprise you that even custom made designs are available as the number of jewel makers is on the rise and competition is increasing making this industry even more robust.

Women across the globe change clothing and jewelry based on the preceding occasion and as well as the culture they have been cultivated into. For this reason, manufacturers have seen it wise to shape designs to cater for these needs. By doing so the manufacturers are able to curve themselves a niche for to make and sustain profitability. Cultures also conceptualize the jewelry design differently hence the techniques through which pink diamonds are incorporated into the earrings bring forth unique design and categories. These are:

blue sapphire gem earrings

  • Pink diamond earrings. They are designed mostly with a round and square shape. A push and lock mechanism is added to ease removal and wearing of the jewel. Due to this simplicity it is most preferred by men and women.

  • Pink diamond chandelier earrings. They are designed to suit long dresses and gowns for occasions such as weddings. They can also be designed into different shapes to suit ones culture and taste.

  • Pink sapphire and diamond earrings. This is made from mixing of pink gemstones with diamond to produce a colorful masterpiece.

Things to Keep in Mind When It Comes to Chandelier Earrings

Chandelier earrings are becoming a popular piece of jewelry among women due to the fact that they emphasize on the attire that one has on and they can be worn on any occasion. They are also light in weight and come in different designs and length.

Known as fashion earrings you will notice that most women own at least a pair and they are always worn when you want to portray courage and glamour at the same time. When out shopping you will discover that there are different types of chandelier earrings and all you have to do is to get the appropriate one.

unique crystal chandelier earrings

Types of Chandelier Earrings that you Will Find in Beauty Shops

There are different forms in which chandelier earrings are made so as to fit in the needs of different women. You will definitely realize that what one woman likes is not necessarily what the other would prefer.

Some of the forms used in this type of earrings are:

This type is popular when precious metals are used. Most of them come in affordable prices and one can still look chick while having them on.

modern bridal pink diamond earrings

  • Sterling silver chandelier

These come in a perfect polish and they can go with just almost any color.

  • Vermeil chandelier

The vermeil chandelier is commonly used when it comes to occasions. They are also known as gold chandeliers earrings and are very relevant if you want to look stylish. You will find them in an array of shapes and sizes.

  • Stainless steel chandelier

Due to durability and the shiny effect that they have, stainless steel is becoming popular in the make of earrings so that individuals can just have that one piece which they use for long.

elegant black chandelier earrings

  • Pewter chandelier

When this is used then one can be able to have a gold, silver or copper finishing incorporated in it. You will find that some of the diamond chandelier earrings are made using this metal and they are just affordable.

Factors to Consider when Buying Chandelier Earrings

Probably you have noticed that chandelier earrings are dangly with so many chains and even precious stones like diamonds. Some of the things to keep in mind when buying this type of earrings are:

Length of your hair

Given that most earrings chandelier are long and always swinging as you walk it is appropriate that you consider the length of your hair before wearing them so that they may not be caught in the hair. If you have long hair then you can tie it back or wear earrings with gems such as the pink diamond earrings.

Type of clothing you are putting on

Earrings chandeliers will never disappoint when used as an accessory with any type of clothing however you have to consider things such as collars, scarves and hoods. Remember that the way they are made makes it easy for them to be caught somewhere and to stick.


Fashion trends will forever change but style remains the same. Consider buying flattering colors like the black chandelier earrings while at the same time putting into consideration the material that has been used to make the earring.


Proper storage of chandelier earing is important. This prevents cases whereby they are tangled up and broken or scratched in the process.

When buying the chandelier earring avoid the ones that have many tangles unless you know how to take care of them and prevent them from breaking.

beautiful gold chandelier earrings

How to Clean Chandelier Earrings

Just like any other piece of jewelry that you have, earrings too have to be cleaned so as to remove the dirt that it has gathered. Cleaning also helps to make them long lasting while at the same time preventing an infection.

Here are some of the quick ways you can clean your gold chandelier earrings:

  • Put a little bit of salt or lemon in warm water and use a piece of cloth to clean the top before using a small brush to finish. The same can happen when you are using baking soda.

  • You can also use a soft detergent.

  • Toothpaste has also been found to be effective when used in cleaning jewelry. Just ensure that you do not leave it on the earrings.

  • You can also use jewelry cleaner and the perfect effect will be met.

  • Always remember that for your chandelier earring to last for long they have to be highly maintained.

Earrings are great body ornaments that every woman should have. There are different earrings designs to choose from and dangling chandelier design is one of the most popular choice that women use most of the time.

Exceptional Emerald Earrings

Emerald earrings are mainly used for birthdays that fall in the month of May and for commemorating the 55th wedding anniversaries. They are also fit for special occasions especially for women, as diamonds are a woman’s best friend. They can be used as gifts in various thanksgiving ceremonies .Prom and bridal activities may require ladies to put on these earrings.

Originally found in Egypt, Emerald got its name from the green color that is as a result of its impurities. An emerald ring with few impurities is very valuable, for instance Emerald Old India and the Columbian Emerald. Generally; emerald earrings studs are mainly adored due to their enduring fashion trend, a myriad of colors to choose from and durability. Value cannot go unmentioned too.

sophisticated natural emerald earrings

Things to Consider when Shopping for Emerald Earrings

  • There are many factors to consider when buying emerald earrings. Here is a tip of the iceberg.

  • The cut. Octagonal-cut stones and oval or round cut does the trick for most people. Geometric patterns, for instance squares and rectangles are available too.

  • Carat weight. Two cataracts are the most common for studs as well as hoop, drop and button earrings

  • Clarity or transparency. Most diamond earrings are transparent but in most cases, impurities impair this clarity. Emeralds come with fissures and inclusions but connoisseur’s elegant emeralds having a few impurities are proof of authenticity.

heart shaped pink diamond earrings

  • Color. The green emeralds are very popular due to their environmental friendliness, especially for the ladies with green emerald-like eyes. Non-green tints are also wonderful, as color is a matter of choice. Pink diamond earrings accentuate a lady’s femininity and confidence.

  • Authenticity. Diamonds are expensive, and one needs to be careful to spend money on genuine earrings rather than fake ones. A genuine seller would provide a certificate of purchase and workable return policy.

  • Shape. Flower shapes are more noticeable due to their uniqueness. Heart shaped, oval shaped, round shaped or pear shaped ones are also up for grabs.

Emerald all-purpose earrings found in various guises. Emerald stud earrings are the best for everyday wear, especially for those who love quiet elegance. They are versatile and they can be worn with a variety of garments and accessories. Men also put on emerald earring studs, but this is a rare phenomenon. For the ladies who love elaborate style and fashion, emerald chandelier earrings garner the attention that they desire in life. Genuine emerald earrings may be handmade and they come in planet-conscious packaging. Argentium Silver wire which is resistant to tarnish is a component of most earrings, and most of them hang 1.5 inches from the earlobe.

elegant emerald earrings

Earrings should be matched with the hairstyle as well as other accessories. Emerald accessories have stood the test of time and they are arguably the most popular gems. They may be handmade by professional craftsmen, in which case they are customized and personalized to meet the needs of a specific lady, especially celebrities. For those with heart shaped face, straight earrings are good for them, but round earrings are best for the women with square faces.

Tips in Buying Emerald Earrings

Just like most jewelry, these earrings are available in most online stores. The price depends on dimensions, quality, design and gemstone combination. The price range is within $50 to $1000, though this range changes with time. Natural emerald earrings are the most expensive. Being the best accessories for ladies, these rings should be kept and handled with care to prevent knocks and scratches. Periodical cleaning is inevitable but not using a ultrasonic cleaning equipment.

cute emerald earrings studs

A tacit demand for the contemporary women is to be noticed, and emerald earrings do exactly that. However, when purchasing these gifts, you need to listen to yourself. Buy the earring that fits your style and age. Most of these earrings are only meant to appear genuine when they are not. Candidly, genuine ones are rare, and one should be careful to ensure that they don’t spent money on fake earrings. The return policy should also be clear.

Concisely, any lady who loves sophistication and fashion would do anything to acquire earrings in order to be the most outstanding from a crowd. A pair of earrings makes a lady feel confident and elegant. They showcase personality and flair, and any lady cannot miss these rings on their wardrobe. One should not hesitate to try!