Exceptional Emerald Earrings

Emerald earrings are mainly used for birthdays that fall in the month of May and for commemorating the 55th wedding anniversaries. They are also fit for special occasions especially for women, as diamonds are a woman’s best friend. They can be used as gifts in various thanksgiving ceremonies .Prom and bridal activities may require ladies to put on these earrings.

Originally found in Egypt, Emerald got its name from the green color that is as a result of its impurities. An emerald ring with few impurities is very valuable, for instance Emerald Old India and the Columbian Emerald. Generally; emerald earrings studs are mainly adored due to their enduring fashion trend, a myriad of colors to choose from and durability. Value cannot go unmentioned too.

sophisticated natural emerald earrings

Things to Consider when Shopping for Emerald Earrings

  • There are many factors to consider when buying emerald earrings. Here is a tip of the iceberg.

  • The cut. Octagonal-cut stones and oval or round cut does the trick for most people. Geometric patterns, for instance squares and rectangles are available too.

  • Carat weight. Two cataracts are the most common for studs as well as hoop, drop and button earrings

  • Clarity or transparency. Most diamond earrings are transparent but in most cases, impurities impair this clarity. Emeralds come with fissures and inclusions but connoisseur’s elegant emeralds having a few impurities are proof of authenticity.

heart shaped pink diamond earrings

  • Color. The green emeralds are very popular due to their environmental friendliness, especially for the ladies with green emerald-like eyes. Non-green tints are also wonderful, as color is a matter of choice. Pink diamond earrings accentuate a lady’s femininity and confidence.

  • Authenticity. Diamonds are expensive, and one needs to be careful to spend money on genuine earrings rather than fake ones. A genuine seller would provide a certificate of purchase and workable return policy.

  • Shape. Flower shapes are more noticeable due to their uniqueness. Heart shaped, oval shaped, round shaped or pear shaped ones are also up for grabs.

Emerald all-purpose earrings found in various guises. Emerald stud earrings are the best for everyday wear, especially for those who love quiet elegance. They are versatile and they can be worn with a variety of garments and accessories. Men also put on emerald earring studs, but this is a rare phenomenon. For the ladies who love elaborate style and fashion, emerald chandelier earrings garner the attention that they desire in life. Genuine emerald earrings may be handmade and they come in planet-conscious packaging. Argentium Silver wire which is resistant to tarnish is a component of most earrings, and most of them hang 1.5 inches from the earlobe.

elegant emerald earrings

Earrings should be matched with the hairstyle as well as other accessories. Emerald accessories have stood the test of time and they are arguably the most popular gems. They may be handmade by professional craftsmen, in which case they are customized and personalized to meet the needs of a specific lady, especially celebrities. For those with heart shaped face, straight earrings are good for them, but round earrings are best for the women with square faces.

Tips in Buying Emerald Earrings

Just like most jewelry, these earrings are available in most online stores. The price depends on dimensions, quality, design and gemstone combination. The price range is within $50 to $1000, though this range changes with time. Natural emerald earrings are the most expensive. Being the best accessories for ladies, these rings should be kept and handled with care to prevent knocks and scratches. Periodical cleaning is inevitable but not using a ultrasonic cleaning equipment.

cute emerald earrings studs

A tacit demand for the contemporary women is to be noticed, and emerald earrings do exactly that. However, when purchasing these gifts, you need to listen to yourself. Buy the earring that fits your style and age. Most of these earrings are only meant to appear genuine when they are not. Candidly, genuine ones are rare, and one should be careful to ensure that they don’t spent money on fake earrings. The return policy should also be clear.

Concisely, any lady who loves sophistication and fashion would do anything to acquire earrings in order to be the most outstanding from a crowd. A pair of earrings makes a lady feel confident and elegant. They showcase personality and flair, and any lady cannot miss these rings on their wardrobe. One should not hesitate to try!