Identifying Unique Engagement Rings

To meet the needs of their unusual clients, most jewelry stores have different types of unique engagement rings as part of their collection. These rings have an atypical feature that sets them apart from other rings, making them a popular choice among men and women looking for something different. Although majority of the rings cost more than the usual engagement rings, it is also possible to find some cheap unique engagement rings at a variety of stores both online and at physical locations. However, it may require a bit of window shopping and comparison of prices to find one that meets the budget and is high quality as well.

Ultra unique engagement rings

Designing with diamonds

The most common unique engagement rings for women have diamonds as part of their design, with the difference being in the type of diamond or even its size. Some of these diamonds, such as the pink diamonds are very rare, thus making them very unique and a favorite of fashionable women.

In a bid to make the unique diamond stand out more on the finger, they can be paired with pink diamond earrings which are valuable as well. There are times when the unusual feature in the engagement ring may not be easy to identify unless at close proximity, while others can be seen even with a simple glance at the ring. This is why it is important to consider the unique features when buying this piece of jewelry.

Lovely pink diamond earrings

How to identify unique engagement rings

There are many rings that are referred to as unique engagement rings because of the features that have been incorporated in their design. These rings differ in a number of ways and can be identified by a number of characteristics that include:

  • Setting – Majority of engagement rings have a simple design that includes a simple metal band and a diamond as the center stone. However, there are some rings whose settings are unusual so as to incorporate a diamond that has been cut in a different manner. These settings can be of an abstract design or a vintage inspired design that makes the precious stone placed on it look outstanding.
  • Type of gemstone – Apart from diamonds, which is used on many engagement rings, there are other types of jewels that can be used as well. These jewels make the ring look different and attractive because of their unusual appearance and they include rubies, sapphires, and emeralds, among others. However, for those who prefer diamonds, there are unique black diamond engagement rings that are a great alternative to the clear ones.

    Braided and unique engagement rings for women

  • Metal band – Some of the most common metals used in the construction of bands for engagement rings are gold, silver and platinum. These metals are preferred because of their durable nature and they also look good on different skin tones. However, some rings are made from unique metals such as tungsten carbide, stainless steel, platinum, palladium and titanium which are still durable but also have extra distinctive features.
  • Distinct design – The design of the engagement rings also plays a part in making it unique and a “must have” for many women. Some of the rings may have a metal band that has been creatively designed and different from the plain ones common with engagement rings. Also, there can be use of one or more gemstones in their construction which improves its appearance and its value as well.

    Rare and unique black diamond engagement rings

Your dream ring

Unique engagement rings are indeed a good choice for anyone looking for jewelry that will look impressive and fashionable. It may take some time to settle on one, but once the decision is made, it is hardly ever regretted. Without a doubt, it is truly essential for you to find not just any kind of ring, but something that can turn  your dream ring into reality.