The Groom’s Ultimate Guide to Finding the Flawless Diamond Wedding Rings

Diamond wedding rings are among the most significant piece of jewelry every bride will ever dream of receiving, as she begins one of the most important milestones of her life. It is a timeless piece of jewelry your bride will cherish for the rest of her life, signifying your love and commitment to her.

Diamonds are the most durable and the most popular piece of exquisite gem used in most engagement and wedding rings, the most popular being the traditional white diamond solitaire ring. However, couples are now looking for wedding rings that are unique, trendy and fashionable, distinctly reflecting their emotions and personality. Thus, colored diamond wedding rings have also become popular, as it bespoke various symbolisms.

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Symbolisms of Diamond Colors 

The rarest and the most illustrious among all the precious stones are the pink diamonds. Its rarity and limited supply make pink diamonds the most expensive of all the gemstones. Pink diamond wedding rings are the best way to express your lasting love to your bride. It signifies that your love for your bride will remain always fresh every single moment of your life together. Pink diamonds are also said to promote creative expression— that presenting your bride with a matching pair of pink diamond earrings will convey of your high regard for her feminine creativity and romantic love.

But what if you wanted to convey that your love for your bride is eternal and timeless? The perfect way to convey that message is to present your bride with lovely black diamond wedding rings because these types of diamonds are the hardest and indestructible. People from all over the world have been fascinated by black diamonds, not only because of its mystic charm, but also because it exudes elegance and splendor, which make these diamonds a popular choice among jewelry makers.

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Presenting your bride with blue diamond wedding rings will convey how much value you put into your relationship. It also signifies peace and good health which will save you from misunderstandings and unnecessary ego fights in your relationship; bringing serenity and peace in your married life. As blue diamonds are among the rarest, it is also among the most expensive piece of gem, making it synonymous with opulence and character beyond ordinary.

Knowing the Four C’s of Diamonds

Now that you have become familiar with the symbolisms of some of the illustrious types of diamond, the next step is to know how to identify the perfect diamond for you and your bride’s diamond wedding rings. When choosing a diamond, you must be aware of the “Four C’s”, which will be described in the succeeding paragraphs.

  • Carat. Most people associate carat with the diameter of the diamond. Although it is a good indicator, carat is actually the weight of the diamond, so that the more the diamond weighs, the larger will be the size. Most diamond wedding rings are 1 carat which is equivalent to 100 points or 200 milligrams, and as the carat goes up, so will be the price. Bear in mind however to consider the size of your bride’s hand, as the diamond will appear larger when worn by a person with tiny hands.
  • Color. The color of the diamonds is graded according to the amount of color present or absent in the diamond. Colors are graded from D, wherein the best quality are those graded within the F and H. However, this type of grading applies only to the white diamonds. 

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  • Clarity. During the formation of diamonds, there could be some natural pressures of nature affecting the diamond in the form of bubbles, cracks or other blemishes that affect the diamond’s clarity. There are two areas in grading the diamond’s clarity—inclusion and blemish. Inclusion refers to an internal flow while blemish refers to a surface flow; wherein the lesser the inclusion or blemish, the more expensive the diamond will be.

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  • Cut. The type of cut affects how the diamonds sparkle. A high-quality diamond wedding ring contains a perfectly-cut diamond, wherein the cut that sparkle the most are the round ones. Experts believe that cut is the most important quality of a diamond as any diamond poorly cut will be reduced of its brilliance and fire.

Finally, settle on your budget. There is a traditional belief that a man should spend at least the equivalent of his two months’ salary for his bride’s wedding ring. Whether you conform to the tradition or not, is exactly dependent on you. You may even buy something more expensive, but regardless, it is best to choose a diamond wedding ring that you can afford. You may want to consult an expert jeweler so you can find variety of options that will guide you in your decision.