Knowing More about Black Diamond Jewelry

Black diamonds have been in existence for many centuries and are used to make different types of black diamond jewelry. These natural diamonds whose source is Brazil and some countries in Africa are quite different from other types of diamonds in terms of their properties. When shopping around for diamond jewelery, it is not common to find those with black diamonds as they are very rare and valuable, as well. Diamond jewelry such as pink diamond earrings which are also considered to be uncommon can be found much faster than those with the black diamonds as part of their overall design.

Antiqued black diamond jewelry

At first glance, black diamond jewelry may look a bit dull because of their opaque nature which is caused by the presence of sulfide deposits that leaves it surface with scratch marks. The diamonds are hard which makes them as durable as other types of diamond and therefore ideal for different types of jewelry. However, the main reason for the high value of a black diamond jewelry set is the fact that the diamonds used in their design does not have a uniform color and its surface is uneven. The absence of a consistent color and rugged surface makes the diamond hard to cut, thus making the jewelry available quite expensive.

Shiny pink diamond earrings

Common types of black diamond jewelry

Although this type of jewelry is rare, it is available in some major jewelry stores both online and those at particular areas such malls. These stores sell the rare jewelry sets at various prices thus making it important to shop around to find the best prices. Some of the common types of jewelry with black diamonds include:

  • Mens black diamond jewelry

Since its discovery many decades ago, black diamonds have been used to design different types of jewelry for men. These valuable pieces were mostly rings that were made of platinum as well as titanium with the black diamond placed in its setting.  The precious stones which are not as brilliant as white diamonds still have an innate beauty that is unmatched in the world of gemstones. However, men who are looking for a prominent effect when wearing jewelry with black diamonds should consider titanium whose color has been altered to match their black color.

Special mens black diamond jewelry

  • Black diamond jewelry for women

Although jewelry with black diamonds was previously associated with men, many women are adopting them as part of their collections. Most of the jewelry for women that have these diamonds also has white diamonds as part f the design to provide a beautiful contrast. However, there are some that have been designed using black diamonds only and they still look amazing when paired up with the right outfit.  Some of the common types of women’s jewelry in which diamonds in black color can be found include pendants, cocktail rings, tennis bracelets and earrings.

  • Black diamond wedding jewelry

Wedding jewelry with black diamonds incorporated in one way or another are very popular for many men and women. The diamonds can be used as the main stone in an engagement ring while being surrounded by white diamonds; or they can be the ones surrounding a solitaire diamond as part of the design. Furthermore, they can also be used as part of the design of wedding bands with both rings having the dark colored diamonds set in them to make them unique and valuable as well.

Elegant black diamond jewelry for women

The elegant choice

Black diamond jewelry is quite costly and not a choice for many people seeking unique pieces. However, with some planning of finances you can be able to buy a set that can be worn at events where you want to look fashionable and elegant.