Factors to Consider When Selecting Cubic Zirconia Earrings

Cubic zirconia earrings are ideal for those who cannot afford diamond earrings. This is because they offer qualities that resemble those of authentic diamonds. It is, in fact, difficult to distinguish the two through a naked eye, which makes them great additions to any jewelry collection because of their quality, color and clarity. They are ideal alternatives to blue and pink diamond earrings that are known to be very brilliant.

Cubic Zirconia Buying Guide

The following are important factors to consider when selecting Zirconia earrings. With the below write up, you will get to get and choose the best for yourself.

silver cubic zirconia earrings

  • Clip-on or pierced

Earrings were traditionally meant for women but are increasingly being worn by men too. It is, therefore, important to carefully choose between clip-on or pierced cubic Zirconia earrings for men. This is especially if the earrings are to be given as gifts and it is not known if the men have pierced their ears or not.

  • Occasion, preference and style

It is important to consider the occasion to wear zirconia earrings. Studs are ideal for casual occasions and weekends. Earrings purchased as gifts for other persons should fit their style, color and size. It is advisable to pick studs if the person’s preferences are unknown. Dangles and hoops are, on the other hand, ideal for persons who prefer fancy styles. It is possible to use Zirconia earrings with other types of jewelry because they complement their looks.

gorgeous black cubic zirconia earrings

  • Appropriate style for a person’s facial shape

A person’s facial shape determines the style of earrings to wear. It is, however, interesting to note that studs can be used for all types of shapes but work perfectly for men and persons with small faces. If a person has a round face, then dangles and drops are recommended because they portray a slim face. Those with an oval face are advised to wear hoops because they align the facial shape. A person with a square face can wear dangles, hoops or drops so that visual height can be added to the face.

  • Size of the earrings 

Studs are very popular because of their small size and their ease of wearing because they penetrate through ears, and are attached with a post but not a hook. They are ideal for persons who intend to achieve a fashion statement that is not immediately obvious. Drops and dangles can be distinguished by the components at the bottom of the earrings. The farmer’s components are fixed while the latter’s components move as a person moves about. They both add sophistication to a person’s looks and are ideal for causal occasions. Hoops are semi-circular or circular shaped and look like a ring. They come in various sizes and are attached to ears using posts or thin wires that are found at the end of their components. Large sizes of hoops are ideal for social occasions such as parties where casual outfits are worn.

best cubic zirconia earrings for men

  • Matching with skin and eye colors

Earrings should complement the color of the skin. It is for this reason that brown, silver, white and black cubic zirconia earrings should be worn by persons with dark skin. Persons with pale skin should, on the other hand, wear bright colors such as violet and red. They should, however, avoid silver and white gold cubic zirconia earrings. The versatility of gold allows it to be worn by all types of skin color. The same is true for diamonds. Cubic zirconia earrings should also be chosen in a way that complements eye color. It is generally accepted that one should wear earrings that are of a darker shade than their eyes in order to get the most desirable effects.brilliant pink diamond earrings


Cubic zirconia earrings are ideal jewelry pieces for those who don’t want to spend on diamonds but would like to get the same sparkling effects. Zirconia earrings offer the same cuts, shapes and beautiful settings as real diamonds but are known to offer higher levels of clarity. It is important for wearers to take care of their zirconia pieces because they are breakable. There are numerous companies offering zirconia earrings, which makes it necessary for a proper assessment to be made to ensure that the jewelry is good quality and won’t break at the slightest impact. All the best as you get the cubic zirconia accessories.