Antique Engagement Rings: Buying Tips You Should Consider

Most women prefer wearing antique engagement rings because of the history, as well as character that they posses. These rings are given the name “antique” because most of them have been in existence for fifty years or more. The engagement rings which almost always have diamonds as part of their overall design are usually a one-of-a-kind piece that makes them unique. In case that the diamond on the ring is pink, then adding pink diamond earrings is a good way to bring them out and complete the look as well. Apart from the diamonds, these rings have various unique elements that make them a good candidate for an heirloom that can be passed on from one generation to another.

pretty vintage antique engagement rings

When buying this kind of ring it is advisable to visit jewelry shops that specialize in antique items. The store is likely to have a wide collection of these engagement rings which makes it easier to find one that meets your personal style or that of your partner. Some of the popular ones are yellow gold antique engagement rings which have been worn by celebrities as well as ordinary fashionable women.  However, if you are knowledgeable on antique jewelry then buying the engagement rings at pawn shops, antique stores and estate sales are an alternative selling point and they may even cost less.

What to expect when buying an antique engagement ring

Even as antique engagement rings continue to grow in popularity among couples looking for a unique way to symbolize their love, there are many people who are not able to identify an authentic antique ring. These rings have unique features that make them easy to identify when shopping for one, both online and at those stores located in malls and other areas. Some buying guidelines for these rings which are sometimes referred to as vintage antique engagement rings include:

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  • Quality of diamond

The quality of the diamonds that have been used in the design of older and modern engagement rings differ in terms of the standard that was used to measure them. It is common to find antique rings having yellow, rose and even green diamonds as compared to the brilliant white which is used on most modern engagement rings. Furthermore, some of the diamonds may have internal flaws because of the less developed machines that would have been used to detect them.

  • Craftsmanship

The intricate details that are commonly featured in the design of an antique ring give it the ability to stand out. These details are particular to the time period in which it was designed, thus contributing to its distinctiveness even among other antique styles available in jewelry stores. Most times, replica antique engagement rings lack quality craftsmanship.

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  • Diamond settings

Majority of the settings that can be seen on these engagement rings are quite elaborate. The elaborate setting makes the diamond placed on the metal band to appear larger, which improves its overall appearance. Individuals who want to buy an antique diamond ring to use for engagement purposes can use the ones that were designed in the 1930s or 1940s.

  • Unusual stones

Some of the engagement rings referred to as “antique” can have the other types of center stones except for diamonds. These precious stones can include opal, emerald and pearl, among others which are also valuable in their own right.

antique engagement rings rose gold

However, they are sometimes considered to be cheap antique engagement rings because of the absence of diamonds in their design.

Taking care of your antique ring

Antique engagement rings need regular maintenance that includes cleaning and polishing.  It is also important to be careful while wearing them to avoid getting them damaged easily. You can also take it the store or professional cleaners to have them cleaned on a regular basis. This way, you can be sure that your ring will stay classy, elegant and stylish for as long as possible.