Different Styles of Vintage Engagement Rings

The esteem given to vintage engagement rings rests on the fact that they are elegant and naturally timeless, as well. These rings are available in a number of exclusive designs that reflect both modernity and a bit of the traditional look that were evident in engagement rings. Most of the rings that are referred to as vintage are made from precious metals on which valuable gemstones are placed to give it an exceptional appearance. Some of the popular metals that are used on these rings are gold and silver, with many jewelry stores having them as part of their collection of gold vintage engagement rings.

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What to consider

Majority of the designs of vintage engagement rings have changed over time, with most of them being made to resemble the ones that were worn at certain time periods in history. These designs make them stand out regardless of the current trends that are being bought and worn by other women.  When shopping for such engagement rings, it is important to consider a person’s personal style and even other types of jewelry that they can pair them up with. Some vintage rings used for engagement have pink diamonds as part of their design which can be paired up with pink diamond earrings.

Nevertheless, it is important to buy these engagement rings from a reputable dealer to ensure that they are of good quality. The rings which are sometimes referred to as antique vintage engagement rings are available online, as well as actual stores with the price range changing from one store to another. Therefore, it is important to compare prices from one jeweler to another so as to find cheap vintage engagement rings that have a unique design and is made from quality material. If unsure of the vintage inspired engagement ring to buy, ask for assistance to ensure that you get what you are looking for.

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Popular styles of vintage engagement rings

Majority of rings that have the title “vintage” were popular within a certain time period and usually have a unique design that makes them easy to identify.  These rings have an unmatched beauty that is characterized by unusual angles, as well as curvatures that make them look sophisticated and quite elegant when worn on the finger.  Some of the well known vintage engagement rings that can be found in jewelery stores include:

  • Victorian engagement rings

These are one of the most common vintage inspired rings that are available for sale in a number of jewelry stores. Its popularity stems from its unique style that blends diamonds as well as pearls within a particular ring to give it an exquisite look. However, there are some styles that have colored gemstones that make the rings stand out more. The Victorian trend which is part of the vintage look has continuously produced cut throat styles that have remained trendy over time.

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  • Edwardian engagement rings

These engagement tings were popular during the Edwardian period and were popular, as well as famous with many women living in that time. The rings had very intricate designs that were referred to as scroll work, on which precious stones such as sapphires as well as rubies were placed.  Furthermore, majority of designers that adopt this particular vintage design use yellow platinum to make the gemstones stand out.

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  • Art Nouveau engagement rings

These engagement rings are ideal for women who appreciate vintage styles that are delicate and also flowing in the overall design. The style is inspired by nature and usually consists of natural elements that include flowers, flowing curves and birds which make the ring look unique whenever it is worn.

Maintenance and care

These vintage rings have to be well maintained so that they retain their shine. Regular polishing will go a long way in ensuring that they look elegant at all times.