Popularity of Princess Cut Diamond Rings

Men from all parts of the world have been finding it extremely difficult to raise enough funds for buying the precious princess cut diamond rings for the special women in their lives ever since Archduke Maximillian gave his special woman a diamond ring for engagement purposes in the 1400’s. You manage to get your fiancé before marrying her and then living happily ever after with her if everything proceeds in accordance with your plans. However, you will be disappointed and you will be left with an extremely expensive and stunning diamond ring if things do not go as you had planned. Men who are sure about the answer that they will get from their women should find out more about these rings while those who are not sure should hold off on their proposals or even think of proposing to them without a ring.

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Why princess cut diamond rings are the best alternative to round brilliant rings

Most men propose only after planning carefully. Your woman can say yes if you look carefully for your stones, find out the size of her ring, feel her mood, and plan your budget when you want to buy the ring. If you are looking for the most brilliant ring that you can find in the market but your budget is tight, princess cut diamond engagement rings provide the perfect solution.

Why princess cut diamond rings are popular

Nowadays, everyone is paying a lot of attention to these rings because their popularity is growing. Unlike the traditional round cut, this specific cut shape for the diamonds is unique and very new. It is perfect for all the couples that want their style statement to be different on their engagement.

In addition, the princess cut shows how versatile diamonds are because they can be made into numerous brilliant shapes. Many other factors are responsible for making these rings popular in addition to their uniqueness.

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The definition of princess cut rings

These rings have square shaped diamonds that have a flat top. In addition, since the cut has the ability to hold more crystal weight, it is more popular with diamond cutters.

Diamond cutters use the brilliant cut and step cut to make the princess cut diamond. Apart from that, various designs produce a step cut by running along the width or length of the diamond. The brilliant cut imparts numerous facets to the stone because its shape is usually triangular.

The benefits of the cut

  • The cut also helps in the reflection of clarity and color by the diamond.

  • It makes the creation and polishing of these rings much easier.

  • Its sharp corners that have prongs help in protecting against all kinds of damage.

  • Its shape helps to hide any imperfections.

  • The sharp corners that this cut has allow diamond cutters to fit several smaller diamonds to it and in effect, they produce the entire ring that has side stones.

  • As compared to a round cut diamond, this cut is cheaper and hence, this makes the whole engagement ring cheaper.

The Popular Princess Cut Diamond Rings

The most important factors that are behind the popularity of princess cut diamond rings:

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Variety spices up life. These rings are available in various styles. The pink princess cut diamond engagement rings are among the most popular varieties. Other popular varieties include the two carat and one carat princess cut diamond wedding rings.


Many women crave for these rings because they want to match them with their pink diamond earrings since their style is unbeatable. In addition, they are available in a multitude of design options because of their customizable shape. The style of the halo design where smaller diamonds are used for framing the center stone of the ring to its overall top is high nowadays. There are endless possibilities of style ranging from classic vintage, three stone rings to side stone designs.

• Price

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The design as well as other factors largely determine how much princess cut rings cost. However, the best thing about these rings is that you can shape them in all kinds of designs that you want without incurring high costs. These stones are different from perfect diamonds because they are inexpensive yet brilliant since they are susceptible to discoloration and hidden flaws.

Depending on how much the stones are worth, these rings can become more expensive when side stones are added.

• Availability

These rings are available in jewelry or top designer diamond stores. You can also find many options online on eBay.

Finding the right diamond ring takes a lot of careful thought and planning. There are certain factors to consider when buying the right cut. Most importantly the giver of the ring should spend ample time in researching what fits most to the personality and preferences of the recipient.