Black Diamond Rings

Do you know where black diamond rings came from? Carbonado, also known as black diamonds is the most solid of all diamonds. This material is used to make the most elegant black diamond earrings or rings you will ever see. This rarity can only be found in Central Africa and Brazil, mainly the latter. It baffles miners and scientists on how its origin came to be, but it is now one of the most expensive jewelry in the world.

Cubic black diamond rings

This holiday season, you may want to pick out black diamond rings for women as a gift to your special someone and pair them off with pink diamond earrings as well. All diamonds go together, and who said that diamonds are only for women? There are also available black diamond rings for men that are widely available in jewelry stores.

Facts about Diamonds

If you’ve decided to purchase a black diamond ring on your special occasion, here are a few known facts about black diamonds:

  • Black Diamonds in Italy are thought to represent reconciliation from misunderstandings and quarrels.
  • In India, it is believed that black diamonds are a sign of bad luck because they are attributed to a spider’s or snake’s eyes, therefore being cursed.
  • Black Diamonds are not sparkling like other diamonds but they make the most remarkable jewelry, especially as a ring as a symbol of love.
  • One of the most popular black diamonds called the Eye of Brahma, weighs 67.5 carats owned by two (2) Russian Princesses that is blamed to bring death to anyone who owns it.
  • Black diamonds are the most difficult to cut, so molding black diamond rings are the most exceptional pieces.

    Cute pink diamond earrings

Types of Diamond Cut

To find the right matches for your loved one, here are the three types of settings that can be applied to you black diamond ring:

  • Solitaire 

This is the most common technique of presenting a ring; a single stone is mounted on a silver or golden base with no stones around it.

  • Rings with side stones 

Setting stones around your diamond accompanies your ring as a wonderful set piece.

  • Three-Stone Rings

Each diamond ring represents the past, the present and the future, that’s why this setting is most popular for engagement and anniversary gifts.

The stones are usually mounted on a silver ring, even in gold and sometimes even in titanium to complement the dark color. Once you’ve already purchased your black colored diamond rings, you must also be able to know how to take care of them to preserve it in their most grandeur state.

Beautiful black diamond rings for women

Maintaining Diamond Jewelry

Here are a few tips on how to clean and conserve your black diamond rings by using practical and available resources at home:

  • Avoid mixing it with other diamonds so it doesn’t get scratched.
  • Use a toothpick. You may use a toothpick to reach those small spaces and crevices of your ring.
  • Liquor it Up. Pour vodka in a glass bowl, damp it in and rinse with clear water and soft cloth. This will help return the sparkle in your jewelry.
  • Simple Method. Combine soap and water in a bowl, carefully dip your black diamond ring there and then use running water to rinse it.

The thing about black diamonds is that due to its dark color, it naturally doesn’t sparkle as much as white diamonds therefore its normal wear and tear wouldn’t be so obvious as to wearing a light colored diamond. But of course, given its uncommonness, these types of jewelries are hard to come by but it doesn’t mean that they are not available. You can check out your local jewelry store or online stores for these pieces of beauty.

Handsome black diamond rings for men

If you want to give a piece of history to your special someone, having this type of jewelry is the best gift you can think of. You may find cheap black diamond rings, but the person who will receive it will definitely see it as irreplaceable. It will feel as though she or he will be wearing a historical memento filled with culture and stories spanning up to 3.5 billion years ago when it was first discovered. Its preservation making it as exceptional as it is today is one of the reasons why diamonds are truly the best gift you could ever give to your loved ones.